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Article about: Hello all, Back in 2013 I took a roadtrip with some friends to see the ruins of the Wolfsschanze in northern Poland. We included a stay at the onsite hotel (converted from the old security b

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    I was watching a documentary where they took Rochus Misch back to the Wolfsschanze, and he had a tough time recognizing the place as the massive concrete work hadn't been done when he was stationed there...they were built later...He expressed astonishment at the work they had done in such a short span of time...
    cheers, Glenn

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    I'm not surprised. It would have been a collosal effort to build the place. When you look at how much steel and concrete alone is involved, that is a huge amount of raw materials to be transported in - not made easier by its inland location. Not to mention the construction process itself, just lifting the massive steel support beams into place, and the rebared concrete.

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    Thx for your hard work and the excellent photos! Amazing [and creepy] place, undoubtedly remnants will still be there when the anniversary of the failed Thousand Year Reich comes to pass...

    Too much too soon, Corporal.

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    It will be interesting what future generations make out it, as time moves on. In 100-200 years, will WWII be seen as just another past conflict, only mentioned in the most serious of history texts?

    I do highly recommend anyone interested in WWII history to visit the Wolfsschanze. It really is unlike anywhere else. Not just because of the history of the place - but also because outside of us history buffs it's probably relatively unheard of. Everyone has heard the name Auschwitz, but I guarantee that few in comparison have heard Wolfsschanze.

    This adds to the aura of the place... there aren't many people going through, there is no tour guide (there is, but it's an optional extra), so you can just take your time and experience the place at your pace. No guards, no barriers, just raw history. Can't beat that.

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    Thanks for the guided tour

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    Cool! Thanks for posting!

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