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Wolfsschanze September 2010

Article about: Great images, I love the 'then and now stuff'.

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    Great photos, those are amazing sights.
    Wonderful places to visit.

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    one of the best topic in forum!
    thanks to share... i always have a dream to get inside of the destroyed bunker... is it possible? the ww2 fans like us.. to opem a hole to the locked area... i dont know if you underestand that a sad..

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    If there is any interest in getting a small group together for such a tour, please keep me updated. I was considering a trip to Russia this Aug/Sept for the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino, which happens to be in the immediate area of the battle for Moscow 1941 Traveling to sites with spouse who is less than interested in the topic is, shall we say, challenging?

    Quote by TIGER88 View Post
    Nice shots Glenn, I was there a few years back and plan on returning soon. I actually visited the Kehlsteinhaus with a vet from Yorkshire. After the war, he married a German lady who had five brothers, all of whom he got along well with except the one who served in the SS (Liebstandarte Adolf Hitler). As the years went by, they gradually became friends and visited the Kehlsteinhaus together. The vet told me the story of how the ex-SS man was so afraid on the journey up (you know how it is), he actually lay down on the floor of the bus almost in tears, covered in sweat repeating "nein, nein...bitte!" until they reached the top. The old vet I knew enjoyed every minute of it! Still, the SS man wasn't the only one who felt uncomfortable up there. Hitler wasn't keen on heights (and he a Tyrolean too!) and suffered from a touch of altitude sickness on one visit to the Kehlsteinhaus. It is a spectacular location though, with beautiful views in all directions. On a clear day, one can see Salzburg. Great place, can't wait to go back.



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    Sandgroper, in my search for military history tours, I ran across an Australian tour group that visits North Africa yearly to visit sites you Aussies beat up on Rommel. They cancelled the 2011 tour due to the problems in Libya,
    but that might be one angle for you to explore.

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