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17th Airborne bullion patch

Article about: Hi, I am not familiar with bullion patches and was looking for opinions on this patch. There are some loose threads on it like it may have been stitched on a uniform and it does not glow und

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    Default 17th Airborne bullion patch

    Hi, I am not familiar with bullion patches and was looking for opinions on this patch. There are some loose threads on it like it may have been stitched on a uniform and it does not glow under uv light. thanks for looking!17th Airborne bullion patch17th Airborne bullion patch17th Airborne bullion patch

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    Very cool patch. Bullion seems to be in good condition overall. I like it.

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    Hi Doug, the bullion is in nice shape, thanks for looking!

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    Thanks for sharing!

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    Hi there

    I'm not convince this is WWII or Occupation era c45-46.

    The double bullion border on thick felt with that cotton type backing and clean precise bullion looks more modern "Pakistani" made.

    Also the bullion colour does not look consistent or maybe that's the picture. You can have different colour bullion thread in different parts of a patch c44-46. Which was subjective to who ever was ordering them.

    British and or German made 44-46 era can look very crude and or very detailed with vibrant colour design.

    The one above could be a Association patch.

    I will ask around for more info.


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    hi Siginaw

    Have sort second opinions and this is indeed a Pakistani made reproduction for all the above points I have noted.


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    Hi Phil, thank you for your detailed analysis of this patch. If this is a pakistani repro it appears to be well made and of material that does not glow under UV light. I had also read somewhere that pakistanis had the double border but did not realize that period originals were not made with that type of border.

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    I agree with Phill. Pakistan was the first thing that came to mind when looking at it. They always use those tubular/coiled strands of bullion and they jump out like a sore thumb. They look impressive, but are newer aged fakes. They've screwed alot of collectors out of money, these things.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Hi Saginaw

    Bullion is like collecting WWI or any theatre made patches , just because it looks "good" what does good mean? Sure it looks good but 50 years after the event.

    WWII era has a different construction , once you have seen a few you would query the difference at the very least.

    I remember back in the 80's and getting 82nd 101st Bullion , very similar construction so these have been out there since then and are now 30 years old.

    The only way of judging is by collecting or have great friends who specialize in US patches especially elite units "Airborne" patches.

    The same is like picking a 1944 Pegasus formation sign as opposed to a late 40's made and worn.

    Just a comment on double bullion border , theatre made patches did have them however not like the one shown.

    Also it could of been used as an Association patch , which could account for the stitches on the edge.

    If you have any doubts put them on the forum , will do my best to answer.


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    Thanks Wagriff

    There is actually more info out there nowadays.

    Take the Kellers book "Emblems of Honour: Airborne" or Jack Angolia "Heroes In Our Midst" , just invest in a few well authored books will save a lot of heartbreak.


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