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82nd Airborne Grouping

Article about: Hello sirs, I picked this group up yesterday with a lot of paperwork and pictures. It was all stuffed in the old trunk shown in the first picture. Family members were cleaning out the house

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    Thank you very much for the positive comments sirs..

    Any info on what the various color ovals represent?


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    Hi Rob

    With ovals they were US and theatre made , also the colour (faded) , shape , construction was used by the same unit from WWII-MID 50's (if activated post WWII) , so handling them is critical to id'ing if they are WWII or post WWII. Also ovals were used by individuals with any combination of units assigned so it can be deceiving in as much as they could of worn an oval for one unit but never changed it to a new unit.

    With that said as follow as per how you laid out:

    White /Red/Blue, 11th Airborne Division with and without parachute WWII-Generally speaking embroidered parachute were 1950's , some units had them embroidered during WWII 11th Abn was active up to mid 50's.
    Can't Id colour combo
    White outer and black inner: 508th PIR WWII
    Silver outer and blue inner: 517th PIR WWII , the two below.
    Gold yellow Outer Blue Inner:504th PIR WWII there have been 2 shade Id lemon yellow and Gold yellow for the 504th WWII era.
    Can't ID colour combo
    Silver Outer and Blue inner:517th PIR WWII x 3 re embroidered parachute WWII
    Note on Ike 504th Lemon Yellow outer , Blue inner.


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    Thank you very much for taking the time to educate me on the ovals. Several of them are felt.


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    Joe, This is a wonderful and very historic find of Airborne militaria. Thank you for sharing it with us... BILL
    "As long as there are brave men and warriors the halls of Valhalla will never be silent or empty"

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    Quote by Bill Grist View Post
    Joe, This is a wonderful and very historic find of Airborne militaria. Thank you for sharing it with us... BILL
    Thank you very much sir. My pleasure.


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    Congrats Joe..very nice find from a great airborne division . Alot of History Regards Larry
    It is not the size of a Collection in History that matters......Its the size of your Passion for it!! - Larry C

    One never knows what tree roots push to the surface of what laid buried before the tree was planted - Larry C

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    Fantastic - A whole trunk! Congratulations and thank you for sharing. This is a collectors dream!

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    Thank you very much sirs.

    I'm usually the guy thinking, " why don't I ever find those groups" as I'm looking at finds like this that others are posting.


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    Any chance of a better pic of the rear of the RAD buckle ??
    I'd rather be A "RaD Man than a Mad Man "

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    Super group! Glad to see it in the hands of someone who will care for it and not split it up. Congrats on an awesome find.

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