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Airborne IKE - Help ID please

Article about: Hello Sirs, I recently purchased this Ike jacket. There is a partial name and "laundry" number inside. It appears that his last name is Mosler or Mosier. I believe his initials are

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    Default Airborne IKE - Help ID please

    Hello Sirs,

    I recently purchased this Ike jacket. There is a partial name and "laundry" number inside. It appears that his last name is Mosler or Mosier. I believe his initials are W. N. with serial number of 37440974. There was a shirt with this group with these initials and complete serial number which is where this additional information came from.

    I have searched high and low for any information on this person with no luck at all...but I have never had much luck with research.

    The glider wings are marked "London".

    Any assistance/information would be greatly appreciated.


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    The first thing I noticed is that the ribbons are not in order. It appears the WWII victory ribbon was added after he was discharged or by someone else. This explains why there is no 1/2" spacing between the ribbons and the wings. At first I thought this was a "put together" but looking deeper I do not think so. It looks OK to me.
    How the ribbons should be;
    1. Good Conduct
    2. American Campaign
    3. European African Middle Eastern Campaign
    4. WWII Victory

    Happiness is a belt fed weapon

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    I see nothing wrong with it. Glider rider wings.
    I think the name Hanley has been added later on with a felt marker.

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    Much thanks for the information/comments Burt and Steve. I was wondering why the WW2 Victory was on the top row.

    I was thinking that "Hanley" was older due to its more faded appearance.


    PS.. Any help on locating this guy in any records would be appreciated.

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    Hi Rob

    Can't help on ID of individual however the The Allied Airborne Army SSI (his then current assignment) is British made , embroidered on felt and the stitching around the Staff Sergeant have been put on by the same individual.

    He has served 18 months overseas and in 4 campaigns. No invasion arrowhead.

    Can you show a pic of the other shoulder , close up on where a SSI would be also back of wing.

    Is there any other markings on the ike re below his overseas stripe ie a 3 year service hash?

    The problem with ribbons , they could be worn incorrectly , upside down , placed on after service , a new rack applied at home or overseas. Who would criticize a returning soldier-only MacArthur!!

    Also there is no CIB or airborne oval/trimming , now they can be worn with or without ovals. Any markings you can detect on where they were located?

    As you rightly pointed out a lot more research to be done.


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    Much thanks Phill.

    There are some threads on the inside in the area that an oval may be placed but there does not appear to have been an oval there. It also appears that the glider pin has been in place for a very long time based on the verdigris on the material beneath the pin.

    There is no sign of a patch having ever been sewn on the right sleeve other than the sergeant stripes which are still present.


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    Thanks Rob

    Thats a real nice quality WWII era Brit Glider wing , with typical British clutch , you couldn't ask for better , looks like the manufacturer's name has been worn out.

    Yes 3 year hash mark , makes more sense.

    The Allied Airborne Army was created for operation Market Garden and beyond. The Ike should have had another outline of a SSI on left shoulder whether it was a division , Abn Command or some other assignment.

    Now with that being said all of the insignia is correct for the time period including staff-sergeant thick felt on felt chevron , I just can't get my head around the Ike -does it have the inspectors label on it?

    I think all in all its a legit WWII era .

    Good luck on hunting down the individual.


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    Here is a picture of the label. I see no indication of another patch having been on the left or right sleeve. According to the tag date I'm thinking that this patch is likely to have been the first and only to be attached.

    I collect modern militaria as well and I am very fortunate to live in a military rich environment in Virginia. I live 15 minutes from all of the east coast SEAL Teams and many other units of all branches. I read the forums and "experts" comment on all sorts of "absolutes". They say you should always see this or never see that on SEAL uniforms or gear and I get items on a daily basis that contradict these comments. Fortunately I'm able obtain items straight from the actual users and so whether the uniform and other items meets a certain regulation or not I know that they are correct as used/worn by that individual..And as far as SEALs go there are very few absolutes..if any. Those guys have a very wide bit of latitude with what they do with their uniforms and gear.

    People on modern forums contact me regularly to ask about the authenticity of SEAL related items and all I can usually tell them is that it looks ok or not but the only real way to tell for sure in my opinion is by getting it straight from the guy. Velcro and patches makes things a bit tricky.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hi Rob

    Perfect , I wondered why you hadn't shown the inspector label but that seals (no pun intended) it.
    When collecting uniforms as you rightly point out , they can be not what you expect in regards to placement of insignia , patches, ribbons etc. and this is typical of all US services especially when they are coming back from overseas.
    When it comes to elite units , it is always advisable to confirm the sum of all parts , after BOD there were a number of put together's that fooled a lot of collectors whether intentional or not , but always pays to do the research.
    I was going to add I think its a 44 dated Ike but held off in making an assumption!

    Again there are no "absolutes" because of the above.

    I remember one case a collector posted on a forum regarding authenticity of an Ike , well every one picked out out the inconsistencies from WWII. Korean, Vietnam insignia, patches , collar disks , hash marks from WWII to Vietnam and different era chevrons (Korean and Vietnam era) on a WWII Ike and it had Firing squad member patch , VFW and it was all over the place.

    When the collector went to find out from the family what transpired was a story of the the veteran.

    He had served in WWII, Korea ,Vietnam and just kept on adding onto his WWII Ike that he wore as a member of the local VFW that he had served as a firing squad member at funerals for passing vets.

    I can guarantee there were a few red faced known collectors who went back into their shells!!!

    Anyway good hunting


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    Much thanks for all of your thoughts on this Ike Phill. I really appreciate it...and the story too.


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