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British Denison smocks

Article about: Hi, Recon 3690 has this totally wrong and will confuse members. The Denisons issued were, as I classify them: A. 1st Pattern, one piece front and back, knitted wool cuffs, 2 varients with th

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    Default Re: British Denison smocks

    Hi all,

    i hope you dont mind me resurecting this post as my first on this forum.

    I would just like to say that i agree totally with Liam re his comments and info on the Denison from my own research and from what i have seen.
    I have however seen a 1948 smock, it looked just like the 2nd pattern but with chromed snaps.
    I have only 4 original smocks, 3 of them pictured here. The first on the left is dated 1945 and minus the tail flap, 2nd from left, also 1945 the 3rd being a 3rd pattern dated 1952 in almost mint condition, made by G Davis & Co. The 4th is a 2nd pattern repro made from WW2 sleeping bag material.
    Liam, i actually sold you a manky 59 pattern many years ago on feebay, one of your first transactions on that auction site. It was i belive a suez or desert type colour i seem to remember.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture British Denison smocks  

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    Hi Andy,
    Thanks for the memory, I sold it on for a £200 profit !!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: British Denison smocks

    Well done Liam,

    it was full of holes and falling apart so good salesmanship in your behalf.


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    jeeze £200 profit! for a post war!! I'll steer away from you Liam!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hello all, spotted this for sale but there's only one picture available.

    British Denison smocks

    Being sold as of 'Cold war' era but that spans quite a few years really. Being doing a little research here but still can't date it. !950's,1960's - any ideas?



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    Default Re: British Denison smocks

    Hi Ian, this one is 1957 pattern. Note the full length zip and the pattern. Worn until the 1970's. You could see Para's wearing these in Northern Ireland in the Troubles in the 70's.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Default Re: British Denison smocks

    Regarding the original posting.

    The 3rd smock is a 59 pattern ................but made in 1966 .

    As used in Northen Ireland during Bloody Sunday .

    The others are a 46 ........and the classic 59 .......

    Just because no one has posted does not mean you are right .


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    Default Re: British Denison smocks

    If anyone comes across a Denison bearing a "Windak" branded label that is for sale, please let me know. Good price paid. Condition and other factors relatively unimportant.

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    Received this book yesterday evening, a must if you are interested in the Denison, 200 pages of great information and photographs, the new one about Airborne headdress will be out in january 2014, with some photographs of yours truly , and about 400 pages thick!, maybe even 2 volumes!

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    Interesting thread gentlemen But a little on the confusing side considering all the different opinions on these smocks IMO they can be a little bit of a mine field I have been looking to purchase a nice early smock for some time but will most definitely post images for the purpose of discussion first.

    Regards Mark K

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