I’m looking for some marketing suggestions and values for a really neat US group I personally turned 'out of the woods' many years ago. What’s the best way to market? What’s a fair value for the grouping?

The group consists of items that once belonged to one of the few genuine American heroes of the last 1/2 of the 20th Century; Colonel Charles A. “Charging Charlie” Beckwith.

After his separation from service following the abortive ‘Desert Disaster’ at 'Eagle 1' attempting rescue of the 200+ hostages held by the Iranian Government Col. Beckwith later retired to my hometown of Austin, Texas and the items were purchased from his widow/estate after his death. He was the founding father of DELTA FORCE and is a central figure in and is mentioned in any references on American Elite forces. He is often/usually depicted in books of Elite and Special Forces wearing a British Paratrooper smock and the actual smock pictured in those photos was in the items purchased from his estate.

1.Col. Beckwith's personal cammo smock. It is of British manufacture and is so marked. His name is inked into the jacket. A picture of him wearing this EXACT jacket exists in a recent publication on US army Special Forces. You can tell it's the same jacket as the cammo pattern in book pictures match perfectly with the actual item.
2.Also of British manufacture is a battle jacket dated November 1961. "C. Beckwith" is inked into the jacket. It appears unissued.
3.A British commando sweater that also appears unissued, it is marked "Beck”.
4.Three pair of trousers, US manufacture; size 40x33 all three pair are brand new. All marked "Beckwith".
5.Cammo cap with fold down ear flaps. Marked "Beckwith".
6.Jungle cap, unissued, no name markings. Possibly for one of his grandchildren as it is of a small size and Col. Beckwith was a large person.
7.Pistol holster, web style, only markings are "C Beckwith"
8.Pistol holster, marked "Bianchi", SHADOW, #8L, .38/.357 Colt and "C Beckwith".
9.Pistol holster, marked "Bianchi", MODEL #4", H K P7 marked "B".
10.Clip pouch, marked "Bianchi”, 20-C, 45 AUTO, SW59, BRNG 9M/M
11.Pistol pouch, American manufacture, only marking is "Beckwith".
12.Compass, US manufacture, marked: US 11-59 Waltham Prec. Inst., Co. Pouch is unmarked. "Beckwith CA" is scratched into the body of the compass.
13.Two waterproof clothes bags marked "C Beckwith".
14.A military storage case of some sort. Marked "C A Beckwith Major SERIAL ####"
15.Military B-4 suitcase marked with Beckwith's name on oilskin name tag.
16. Book, THE UNDERGROUND {U},ST 31-202, marked "Beckwith".
17. Three booklets detailing a symposium held at Hampden-Sydney College in 1993. Col. Beckwith was a panelist at this meeting. His biography is listed on pages 11 and 12.
18. Several documents of provenance exist including a copy of the newspaper article detailing advertising the estate sale, a copy of the criss-cross phone book detailing that Col. Beckwith lived at the address of the estate sale. A canceled check written to his widow as partial payment for the items. The ‘topper’ is the Colonel’s own personal copy of the Larry McMurtry Novel “Lonesome Dove” with a printed return address sticker to the Colonel inside the cover.