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Help with British beret identification

Article about: Anyone know what unit this is for. Marked Ammo & Co. ?

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    Default Help with British beret identification

    Anyone know what unit this is for. Marked Ammo & Co. ?Help with British beret identificationHelp with British beret identification

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    This is the Red Beret worn by the Parachute Regt.

    The telephone number prefix of "0483" was for Guildford.

    Private purchase of course. Info on the Company:

    Not wartime, this beret is circa 1990, but with a wartime pattern cap badge.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Strange that it has a imperial size on it if it is 90's unless that is another part of the pimping of it as mostly they went over to metric in the late 70's. Not WWII or early postwar so someones been playing with it.

    the company is based in Birmingham these days which is where they started and are still in existence


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    This was purchased from a very reputable dealer here in the U.S. Said to be post war . From what I was able to read on Internet possibly from the 7th parachute battalion?

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    From their own company brochure.

    From 1990 Dalman & Narborough expanded its operation with a number of acquisitions which complemented
    its manufactured product area but also introduced a wider range taking the company into a far greater area of
    activity. During this time, Tom, son of Stephen Dalman had rejoined the company following a period of studies
    in the United States of America. He was responsible for driving the new acquisitions into a cohesive force
    with the formation of a new holding company, All Arms Marketing & Manufacturing Organisation. In typical
    military fashion, an acronym was thrust upon us, AMMO - not one of our choice, but we had been accepted,
    a compliment indeed.

    I guess your reputable dealer is either a crook or a feckwit who does not know what they are selling.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Wow. I guess it is still post war. Just way post war.

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    Quote by mayralphie View Post
    Wow. I guess it is still post war. Just way post war.
    Indeed, but the imperial size has been added to it as has the pre 53 badge, and cannot have been done by accident so someone was pimping it.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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