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info needed

Article about: info needed on para gas mask ? and oversmock

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    Default info needed

    info neededinfo needed

    info needed on para gas mask ? and oversmock

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    Hi Kevin I can give you a little back ground information on the over smock but better close up photos will be required of the inside and outside of the smock are there any markings and or tags ?
    The oversmock was officially known as the "jacket, parachutists, 1942 pattern"; it was issued on a large scale prior to the D-Day landings.
    It was intended to be worn over the Denison smock and webbing equipment; this prevented equipment getting tangled in the parachute lines.
    It is made from hard wearing green denim material and it has a full lenght brass zipper, set at a slight oblique. Two pockets are placed on the lower front with an elasticated opening. It has a stand and fall collar lined with Angola shirt material and a tailpiece is fitted to prevent the jacket from riding up during the descent.
    Not all parachutists choose to wear the Oversmock; many found it would mean losing valuable time after landing taking it off.
    Wartime manufacturers: C.W.S. Limited, L.Harris Limited, H.Edgard & Sons Limited, Cohen & Wilks Ltd, Henri Brown Clothiers Ltd, Wareings (N'ton) Ltd.

    Regards Mark K

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    thanks mark i will take more pics when it arrives,must be scarce if these were discarded on landing,any idea of a value also were the gas masks a special lightweiht issue just for paras ??.....regards kev

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    Hi Kevin there is a oversmock currently for sale on the ( The Collector's Guild) for $388.00 cdn as to the gas mask if my information is correct the light weight mask was first designed for use by the British Para but by some time in 1943 they were starting to be issued to all British troops replacing the older canister and hose variation as they were more cumbersome.

    Regards Mark K
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    Be aware Kevin that a good many of these gasmasks do contain asbestos there is an article here you may find of interest.
    ( Collectors Club of Great Britain ) use the search option top right corner type in gas mask dangers.

    Regards Mark K

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    Interesting gas mask.It looks a little different than normal with the projection on the exhale valve..A bigger pic would be good.Does it have any markings?

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    I do believe that the gas mask is a postwar 1950's Mk 1 upon doing a little more research.

    Regards Mark K

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