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M1942 Pathfinder Jacket on Ebay

Article about: this is on ebay right now ...I beleive it to be a repro but what do you guys think?

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    Default Re: M1942 Pathfinder Jacket on Ebay

    If the jacket was made from preprinted camoflage material it would be nearly impossible to manufacture ensuring all the streaks of colour actually lined up with each other on sleeves,pockets etc..too me this jacket looks to be painted given the aforementioned theory but the sleeve pocket certainly looks to have been added later given the colouring...

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    Default Re: M1942 Pathfinder Jacket on Ebay

    With eBay if it sounds to good to be true then it is, if I was you I would take your and run as fast as I could in the opposite direction, and would not touch this with a barge poll! Fakers on eBay love to sell this kind of thing, I call them Epic or blockbuster fakes the type of thing that get everyone’s hearts racing that rare collectable which is just so cheap because everyone missed it! such as John Wayne Camo HBT Set from Sand of Iwo Jima which came from a back lot garage sale !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, or some rare piece of gear that was from a yard sale brought home by a vet. Oh please just give me a break.

    "Now, I've designed this like a collapsing bag ! "

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    I do hope no one parted cash for this piece of garbage??!!

    Patches are all wrong, the camouflage is atrocious not to mention the 101st didn't jump into Normandy wearing arm flags and I can't think of any original photos showing 101st troopers wearing PFC tapes on M42's.

    Also the 101st Pathfinders didn't spray up there jump suits. AFAIK it was only members of the 377th PFAB that did, if memory serves I think Harold Bliss's jump suit is in DMC in St Come Du Mont.

    The 82nd Pathfinders did paint their jump suits as I understand it rather than spray them.

    If this jacket was original and someone has basterdised it into that monstrosity then they should have it inserted where the sun never shines!

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    Looks all kind of wrong.. As has been said the 101st didnt wear arm flags of there M42 only the 82n D Day, the 517th 551st and 509th sprayed painted there Jumpsuits for Op Dragoon

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    Daz, the paint looks like DIY ready mix Denison camo spray paint!!!

    Whoever put this jacket together clearly had only a 1% understanding of what they were doing and wanted to achieve!

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    Yeah mucker... it would be useful for cleaning your rifle with

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    Quote by Dazbond View Post
    Yeah mucker... it would be useful for cleaning your rifle with
    Or my backside if I was really desperate!!

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	broudy227.jpg 
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    An example of the sprayed camo!....
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    517th PRCT prior to the jump into Southern France as part of the First Airborne Task Force on Op DRAGOON.

    The camo pattern and paint they used looked nothing like the fantasy jacket on the first page, trust me! Their camo looked really good

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    A FJR6 has said the camo is very different, and fads very easily, the jacket it self looks like a bad repro to be honest, the top front pockets looks strange, the poppers on the pockets look like they are in the wrong positions

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