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Oh My.. The Find of the Year!

Article about: Wow !

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    what are the dimensions of the trunk?

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    You have to love finding a trunk full of Airborne insignia and uniforms! Like others have said, it's a time capsule all in one spot. It would be a shame to split it up, but it apparently did Not belong all to One man, as there are so many different hats, for example along with the many various insignia patches, etc. A great deal of it Did, of course, but it doesn't look as if it All did. Just why it is all in there together is something we'll probably never know. I have no clue for an itemized evaluation of the lot, but, sadly enough, parting it out would Probably bring the best return on the investment, if the intention was to help the homeless son of the vet. Oddly enough, the overcoats are likely amongst the least valuable bits of the lot, although I've never understood Why. They are superbly made of Very heavy wool and, no doubt, sport the big shiny brass Waterbury buttons that always look so impressive, but they never seem to bring much money! A minor mystery in itself! The trunk, too, is an excellent government issue wardrobe trunk(I've used several of these trunks myself over the years and the various moves I've done-in fact, I think there may be one in my attic even today yet). These big steamer trunks are marvels of engineering in themselves, but are Heinously expensive to Ship! Good luck in any case-no matter what or how you decide to handle the lot!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    So far not much luck, dealing with one member on a deal. I'll get the dimensions.

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    my figuring on why all the different things is perhaps since the 82nd did occupation duty in Germany until January 1946 perhaps he bought these while there from other vets or even shops that had surplus? Again its only a theory

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    Often odd items come from other family members in groupings like this.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Items for sale now, ask for prices.

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    What a Shame you had to separate! How much for an Airborne T-shirt?

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    "Items" for sale? Quite sad to see these things be split apart, but I can understand what a hard position you are in. This thread can tear one apart just from reading it.

    Anyways, I found out what type of shoe that is. It is a jungle running shoe, issued 1945. Favored by raiders due to how easy it was to take on/off compared to a boot. I noticed there were some other USMC items in the chest; such as the garrison cap, so at least the non-airborne items remain somewhat constant.

    Here is the link of the same shoes on ebay: WW2 U s Army Issue Jungle Raider Running Shoes Size 6 Endicot March 1945 | eBay

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