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Trousers Parachutist?

Article about: I am trying to find out what British 6th Airborne units were issued with "Trousers Parachutist"??? Any ideas??? Thanks Paul

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    Default Trousers Parachutist?

    I am trying to find out what British 6th Airborne units were issued with "Trousers Parachutist"??? Any ideas???


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    Default Re: Trousers Parachutist?

    I would think that Ade will have a pair in his wardrobe, just hang on for a while

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    Hi Paul, these were only issued to Parachute troops, and not to the Air Landing Battalions. XXII Indep Para Coy (Pathfinders) certainly had them.

    All Para Battalions could have received them.

    Hi Dave, sadly I don't have an original pair of these. These are very rare and very expensive. Looking at around 2,000 now for a pair. So I have to settle for a repro pair for wear, made by my firend Steve at Pegasus.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Trousers Parachutist?

    Hi Ade, do you have a photo of them, I ask because i have a full BD supposed to be from Parachute Regt, wartime issue, id like to compare if poss

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    Default Re: Trousers Parachutist?

    Hi Dave, I don't have any close up pics, but here is one of me wearing them. Just marched 7 miles in full kit to Arnhem Bridge in 2009.

    Note the large from pocket with square cut flap secured with a central button and a press stud at each corner. Much larger than the usual BD trouser pocket and lined with chamois leather, as are the two usual trouser pockets. The front dressing pocket is conventional and there are two extra ones located on the backside. There is also a hidden pocket for the FS knife on the right leg.

    I was going to add to a link to Steve's site, but it is being updated so all the detailed pics are not there as normal.

    Cheers, Ade.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks Ade, mine are,nt the same so they must be normal wartime, but what a bunch of fearsome looking individuals, did the Nijmegen marches, back in the 80s with a cadet unit, good fun but hard slog and plenty of blisters, took plenty of staybrights to give out to the kids on route, their mums were grateful , but the dads wernt so free with the kisses

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    Default Re: Trousers Parachutist?

    Yeah thanks lads.......getting back to my original question.....would it not be true that in a few cases say of airlanding troops that a few may have been issued them as that was what was in stores at the time, perhaps a few lads bought a pair "over the fence" or found them "off the back of a lorry" maybe even gave the quatermaster a sneeky few shillings for a pair?? Surley this sort of thing does now with the modern army.........??????????



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    Default Re: Trousers Parachutist?

    Well i suppose anythings possible but during the war there was a shortage of materials, plus it would have looked odd that a few were dressed differently to the others, its like going on a parade wearing a completely foreign uniform, i cant see the officers letting it happen, they were pretty much sticklers for dress codes then, as for the QMs, i dont think they would have risked it back then, there was only a few depots issuing that type of wear if that, it would be easy to find out who and where it came from, but who knows

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    Default Re: Trousers Parachutist?

    Hi Paul, well, anything is possible, but it would be unlikely.

    If anyone was considering wearing these for a living history impression and doing an air landing unit I would not recommend them to wear this pattern of trousers.

    Cheers, Ade.

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