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WW2 Carrier Pigeon

Article about: I believe a lot of German shepherds were told to get stuffed in WWII . John.

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    What a great display piece....don't let my son see, I'll be shopping for pigons and containers before the day is out!

    Hayes has the cardboard carrying boxes for $95 US new!

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    Quote by rambob View Post
    Here is my pigeon vest containing a plastic decoy. It gets a lot of attention whenever I display it.

    Attachment 273203
    That's a great item. I've been looking for one for a while but they don't come up very often. You'll have to get a taxidermy pigeon to show it off to its full potential!

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    Grimebox, I bought a whole grocery bag of pigeon decoys at a flea market and have one that stands up along with the rest with the feet folded under. But I have found that with the feet extended, you will never get the "bird" to fit into the vest, to show how it really was carried. Soi I just attach the leg capsules to the stitching of the vest to show how they could have been stored.

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    I finally got my hands on a pigeon vest at a suitable price. All I need now is another pigeon to display it properly!!!

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    Oh dear lord...


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    Fantastic mate. I absolutely love this whole thing

    I'm getting something like this, for sure. Love it, love it all. Bonkers.

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    Another American carrier pigeon leg capsule, however, given the condition of this one it may have been used. It has the remains of red paint on the bottom part of the capsule and contained within is an unused message!

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    I'm afraid this thread has gone to the birds

    Happiness is a belt fed weapon

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    Nice to see you keeping at it.

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