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WWII USAAF informal Brass award for Turret belly gunners..Flying

Article about: I acquired this metal recently from a WWII USAAF and he said it was a flying C#\\$K and B@LLS brass metal informally given to Turret ball gunners that survived X amount of missions (he was in

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    Default WWII USAAF informal Brass award for Turret belly gunners..Flying

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    I acquired this metal recently from a WWII USAAF and he said it was a flying C#$K and B@LLS brass metal informally given to Turret ball gunners that survived X amount of missions (he was in the ETO)- 1ST Airforce.....I have heard of these over the years but never seen one...this is a real one, with a necklace loop~ What is true is I have heard of these mentioned over the years, really don't know what they were awarded for, how rare they are, and if they have any value (how does one valuate somthing that is a non-regulation award!...Any help from those more knowledgeable than I would be greatly appreciated! I guarantee it is pre-45, came with a nice grouping of other USAAF items! Help!! Thanks so much! I do not mean to offend anyone with this item, it is what it is!!

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    I would mention that they did have brassballs to fly in the Bomber Ballturret. I would say more like steel!!!!
    If this is what the Vet said, Just wondering,Is this from the vet or someone who is selling it or someone representing the Vet? One more question. Where was he stationed while in the ETO or what Bomb Group?
    The 1st AF served here in the US. They were a training AF and did some sub searching.
    First Air Force - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    I will note that when somebody was or is getting out, That the Marines always have an official plaque to award and praise his accomplishments while serving, But after that comes his sections award. Which are ALWAYS a little more cruder/offensive that the official one!!!! It is always the one that is prized the most!!!!!

    This could also be an award for your first mile high club initiation !
    Semper Fi

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    Hello Phil and thank you ~

    The item is now mine, and although really not for sale, I was fascinated by story, the actual piece itself (Lol) and I had heard of these awards throughout the years (again, never having seen one though)- In addition, I have his tailor made jacket, pants, a few medals, etc~ Have you seen one like this Phil before?

    I googled the first USAAF, and amongst other things, I 1st division attacked Schweinfurt during Regensburg/ Schweinfurt raid 17 August 1943 and took part in return raid on 14 October 1943

    The Division lost 45 B-17s during a second raid on Schweinfurt on 14 October 1943.

    On 6 March 1944 the division took part in the first large American raid on Berlin (three squadrons from the 3rd BD carried out the first attack on Berlin two days earlier having failed to receive a recall notice). The Division lost 18 aircraft during this attack.

    In the week after D-Day the division attacked tactical targets in France. On 15 June it moved on to attack targets further from Normandy, with a focus on Luftwaffe airfields.

    On 18 July 1944 the division attacked the German research centre at Peenemunde on the Baltic, on the longest range Eighth Air Force attack into north-eastern Germany of the entire war.

    45 B-17s lost

    Sounds like a few messy missions...Anyway Phil, I really do appreciate your input on this piece....

    Cheers~! B

    734 736 741

    24 February 1945 - attacks oil refinaries in Hamburg

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    Hello Robert. I have not seen that set of wings before. The history you quote above is for the 1st Bombardment Wing redesignated 1st Bombardment Division, which was a parts of the 8th Air Force. In your first post you typed 1st Airforce. Hench my reply. My Uncle was attached to the 8th AF, 2nd Bombardment Division, 384th Bomb Group ,545th Bomb Squadron.

    Would love to see the uniform as I collect USAAF 8th AF items. There is another section that some have been posted.

    Semper Fi

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