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Aircraft: Rumpler Taube

Article about: Source: The Museum of Flight Rumpler Taube (Dove) Reproduction When German glider pioneer Otto Lilienthal died in a flying accident in 1896, an Austrian named Ignaz Etrich acquired two of hi

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    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    That is a very interesting photo! Thanks for showing it. Maybe this badge is something more than "just" a sweetheart??

    Cheers, Ade.
    I was told by the person I bought the pin from that it was called a "Sweeetheart" pin. I have no way of knowing if that is correct. Anyway, it made for a good story. Maybe women gave them to men.

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    Hi Ade!
    Thank for opinion.

    I think Schnellman is correct . Grandpa served as "unfliegende persone" in KuK flaying corps in aircraft factory in Wiener Neustadt as a taylor.As he told they produced diferent kind of plains ,he remindes Albatroses and Gothas.

    We never talked about this badge I always thot it is a so called patriotic pin.

    Cheers Alois

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    Some very thought-provoking items and comments about the Taube, and related items. Thanks all for adding to the thread.

    Matilda, thank you for posting that wonderful photograph, it is the first I have seen with the pin in wear.
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    What a fascinating & extremely rare photo! Thank you for taking the time to post it here on this forum. I am very surprised no one has commented on his Balloon Korps collar insignia. You just don't see that in period images! Very nice


    Quote by matilda View Post
    Hallo friends!

    Very interesting tread about famous shaped aeroplane "Taube". Also the so call sweethart pin, wich is on the service tunic of my grandfather served in Vienna in 1917-1918. I am asking myself whoom did he gave it? I vould like to have it but I saw it here for the firsttime.

    Anyway,i hope this picture belong to this tread, if not , please remove.

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