Fellow enthusiasts,

I've embarked on a cool indie project (at least I think so) to create an app about WW2 aircraft. My mission is to have as complete plane reference as possible, visualize the performance and other quantitative data and give the users the ability to quickly update missing/incorrect data (It's 800+ planes for crying out loud).

I'm in the middle of the project but in order to avoid feature creep of functionality you don't need I'd like a bit of feedback on what YOU would appreciate in an app like this. It'll take you 3 minutes max, guaranteed.

I know you're all millionaires by now, but to make it worth you while I will pick a random winner from all the responses and personally snail mail you 20€ worth of your local currency and a cookie from my massive project budget coming from my own wallet.

Free money? Is it possible? Who cares since the worst case is that you lose a few minutes to the most elaborate WW2 Plane app-hoax in history. Best case you'll be 20€ richer, living off interests and waiting for the best WW2 app in the planet.

You'll find the survey from Survey provided by FreeOnlineSurveys.com

Feel free to drop a response in the forum too whatever it may be, roses or a rant!

Will toss this to few other forums too and perhaps I can build something you'd actually enjoy as I trust a lot of WW2 hobbyists lurk on War Relics Forums.

Salute and thanks in advance!