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Browning .303 turret cases

Article about: Hello all, I have scoured the internet for the answer to this question and can't seem to find the answer anywhere so I'm coming to the forum with this rather lame question. Humour me: What h

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    Thanks BB....this is quite a hot topic for me....I found myself wandering around Youtube 't'other day and, after the customary 2 hours of mindless Russian bad driving, Idiot teens, and Red Necks with guns I stumbled upon footage from inside an AC130...firing it's 30mm [poss 20mm?], 40mm and 105mm guns......and all the spent cases had their place (even tho the 30's were meant to drop into canvass holdalls but required some manual assistance)...a stray 303 case could jam something....a rolling 105 case is a whole new ball game!

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    Ah... the joys of rolling empties. It reminds me of an ambush I was caught up in at the top end of Andersonstown road in March 1972. Our Humber 'Pig' had just rounded the corner when the Provo's opened up with Bren lmg's. I put a string of 12 (very) rapid shots at a target, and the bl**dy empty cases were bouncing about all over the place in the back of the 'Pig'.
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