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Did you fly the 909 ?

Article about: B - 17 Bomber

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    Default Did you fly the 909 ?

    B - 17 Bomber

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    That is one of my many yet unrealized dreams...
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    Default Re: Did you fly the 909 ?

    I would be more than happy to be a passanger on the "fortress" like that

    my Skype: warrelics

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    The Nine-O-Nine, a B-17 Flying Fortress heavy bomber of the 323rd Bomb Squadron, 91st Bomb Group, completed 140 combat missions during World War II, believed to be the Eighth Air Force record for most missions, and never lost a crewman as a casualty. The most widely recognized and revered aircraft type of World War II, the B-17 Flying Fortress, takes to the skies again. The B-17G (Serial # 44-83575) has been returned to its wartime configuration under the auspices of the nonprofit Collings Foundation of Stow, MA and given the name "Nine-O-Nine".

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    We heard the cough of the engines and rumbled down the field, I could just picture the young boys leaving England at 3 in the morning wondering if they would return,, GLAD I FLEW THE B - 17

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    I met Bob Morgan , he signed my book we talked and I saluted him, he died about 10 months later... "Memphis Belle"

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    Nothing more amazing to be in your backyard, hear the roar of the engines, look up and see the gentle gracefullness of a B-17 flying overhead!

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