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DOWNED JAPANESE PLANE DECALS any value to these things?????

Article about: I just picked these up, please tell me there is a market for these things?? Excuse the photos I did not take this crappy photos!!

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    If they are the water transfer type, they'd likely
    be cellulose.........


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    Collector guide has grade A items. But 300.00...WOW I guess somebody will pay that price.. Maybe,someday.
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    yeah well the butcher bill is 175 for me, I was so pissed off but my what can I do, its my little girl so I was only mad for a second. I never had a auction mixed up like that. Well I guess there is a market for them if someone paid 300 bucks for them

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    I went on eBay and found your winning item. If you don't like them and other sites are asking those kind of prices hold onto them for a little while and list them back on eBay and put a reserve of 250.00 you ever know someone else's daughter may bid for them. I like them and if the money is not a problem right now enjoy them. Marty
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    you guys are killing me!, its tempting. I contacted the seller and he said im a dumbass ( haha) and he can cancel the order. I just don't collect these things but if they will go up in price one day, and your right, I could put a buy it now on them. I just never seen them.

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    It was canceled!

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    I am glad everything worked out for you. Now take your daughter out for a ice cream. Well maybe not tonight it is late maybe tomorrow. Marty
    Fortune favors the brave 644th td

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    Many prices on the Collectors Guild are unrealistic as all items are consignment with value set by the seller and then the owner's mark up added.


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    I don't have kids but my cat has a habit on walking on my keyboard and mashing the keys. Thankfully he hasn't purchased or placed any bids on ebay.
    They are interesting items.

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    Yeah for 300 bucks that's crazy. They are cool but not almost 200 bucks cool. With u.s. surplus I'm sure there are a lot out there somewhere

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