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Fighter windshield.

Article about: Thanks for the info Matt. It is still pretty clear other than the edges and one spot. I can read through it pretty well. Still sitting on the coffee table collecting dust. Your wish has come

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    Quote by zwerge View Post
    How about an Me 109?
    looks like it could very well be !


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    Did some looking around today and found a site for Me 109's. Looks like they also are called Br 109.
    If that is the case it would be from a Br-109F-4 as it seems that is when they added the "bullet resistant" windshield or windscreen.
    Trying to find the approximate dimensions to compare.

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    I couldn`t find any dimensions on it,but here`s a better picture.
    Attached Images Attached Images Fighter windshield. 

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    zwerge, thanks for the picture.
    This is still a little off since the one I have is approximately 12 inches across at the top and 13.5 inches at the bottom.
    The one pictured looks even spaced if not a tad wider on top.

    I did see there were a few alterations made to the original design as time went on and pilot safety shields were part of that.
    It included the metal around, below and in back of the cockpit as well as the glass. i also see many references to a 'polycarbonate' windscreen but
    I'm thinking those are from or for restored projects.

    Off to the hunt

    Does Oberst Molders ring a bell ? Found something today.

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    Very Interesting me it looks like the front shield of a 109G-6


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    Quote by Studl View Post
    Very Interesting me it looks like the front shield of a 109G-6

    Thanks for taking interest but are you referring to the picture of the cockpit above or my windshield?


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    Yeah sorry Rudy the windshield


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    Default Re: Fighter windshield.

    Thanks, I'll check it out.

    Still don't know what I'll do with it unless I find someone that is restoring one ... shrug ...


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    Default Re: Fighter windshield.

    There are collectors of aircraft memorabilia and i would assume that someone would be willing to buy this item, seeing that it is a genuine piece off a ME109, they are not that easy to come by in a complete state

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    Default Re: Fighter windshield.

    Thanks davejb

    I know i came here with all sorts of things really fast but I only recently realized that these things were not just to be put in a box and forgotten.
    Yes I want to know what some items are worth but that does not mean I intend to sell them ... trade some perhaps.

    Any way this windshield/screen is up for sale because on it's own among helmets & knives it really has no place.
    It should be with a collector that has a nice, sexy altimeter to set next to it. A collection it belongs in.

    I'll take care of it but should someone want it let me know.

    Until then I plan to keep up the research.


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