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Fighter windshield.

Article about: Thanks for the info Matt. It is still pretty clear other than the edges and one spot. I can read through it pretty well. Still sitting on the coffee table collecting dust. Your wish has come

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    Default Re: Fighter windshield.

    its worth a reasonable amount to an avation collector

    regards Mad.ideas

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    Default Re: Fighter windshield.

    Quote by mad_ideas View Post
    its worth a reasonable amount to an avation collector

    regards Mad.ideas
    Thanks for the reply. I did contact a few places that restore the me109 but only one (looks like they do things for museums and movies) responded and said they can
    get them made up in acrylic when ever they want.
    So until I find a collector it is a very heavy paper weight.
    And looking back that is the exact windshield.


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    Why not try contacting the Confederate Air Force thats in the states, from what i hear they restore WW2 with as much original parts as possible, they even might want it for their museum , I cant believe that someone doesnt want an original ME109 windshield.

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    Default Re: Fighter windshield.

    That I'll try, thanks. Just never occured to me to seek out something in the States and figured they were busy restoring their own stuff.
    I guess a collector in a certain field is a collector of all.


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    Default Re: Fighter windshield.

    I would think you may get a better return for your troubles than in Europe, there were more of them here than anywhere else, so parts do become available sometimes, but i would think they are pretty rare in the states

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    could be the armoured front peice for a BF110......maybe

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    Default Re: Fighter windshield.

    Being from a WWII fighter aircraft...if your research into it turns out, I would have to believe their would be a load of collectors who would love to have this among their collections. What Luftwaffe relic guy wouldnt want that?!
    Regards, Edwin

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    Default Re: Fighter windshield.

    I'll bet on G6 or later too.
    How thick is this thing?

    Have you contacted all of those? Bf 109 restoration projects

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    Default Re: Fighter windshield.

    The glass itself is approximately 2 1/2 inches thick and has some weight to it. Not some thing I'd like to drop on my toe.
    I can't really make out how many pieces of glass are laminated together
    I really have not done much more looking around lately. Been trying to piece together some info on my Grandfathers.

    I need to get back to it pretty soon.


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    Default Re: Fighter windshield.

    It's not from a Bf110- that plane's front windscreen plate was much taller. I'd say it's fairly definitely a 109 Panzerglas plate- judging by just how narrow it is, probably not one of the 'add on' types used on the E or F, but more like the heavier canopy of the G. It's not one of the later ones because it lacks the little anti-fogging disc.

    Here are a couple of photos of a Bf109G canopy showing how narrow the plate is and, on the inside shot, how thick it was.

    Fighter windshield.Fighter windshield.

    I'd say it's likely restorers won't be terribly interested because the glas isn't clear anymore- so it's not of so much display use; it's probably more for the private collector- when I was buying Luftwaffe stuff, it's a piece I'd certainly have liked! Heck, I kind of wish I could make a decent offer now LOL
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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