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Fighter windshield.

Article about: Thanks for the info Matt. It is still pretty clear other than the edges and one spot. I can read through it pretty well. Still sitting on the coffee table collecting dust. Your wish has come

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    Default Fighter windshield.

    Before I even attempt any of my poor picture taking does anyone think there is a chance of identifying what I was told some 30+ years ago was a windshield for a fighter and I'm sure it is? It is intact. The shape would be what it should be if it sat on the front of a plane. I can't remember the plane or what countries flag it belonged to. I'm sure it was WW2 because it came from the same brothers that I have most of my things from, although given to my father first.

    No numbers on it that I can see.

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    Default Re: Fighter windshield.

    There is a very good chance it can be identified,
    but photos are needed................


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    Default Re: Fighter windshield.

    Quote by Walkwolf View Post
    There is a very good chance it can be identified,
    but photos are needed................
    Just took a few. Am transferring to computer now.

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    Default Re: Fighter windshield.

    Again my photos leave a lot to be desired. I am however in the glass business and do see that there is actual lamination between each piece of glass and depending on the make up could be as many a 5-6. In this day that would be not much more than a Level 2 protection maybe 44 mag. max.

    The metal frame is securely welded at 6 locations (all ends). There is a type of cement that I would now call expansion cement and a cloth barrier.
    Glass does not like metal nor does it like heat and these are strong welds so I may think that the fabric not only buffers the glass from the metal but may be a heat resistant material to help in fabrication.

    There also seems to be a rust inhibitor painted on the frame.

    Approx. size (o.d.) 13 - 1'2" X 9 - 1'2"
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Fighter windshield.   Fighter windshield.  

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    Default Re: Fighter windshield.

    How about an Me 109?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Fighter windshield.  

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    Default Re: Fighter windshield.

    zwerge, could be but it's very hard ... at least for me to find good front on pictures I looked around today and did come across a Me 109 and unfortunately a few other that may have been candidates but always full on side shots.
    The lines seem right but I'm wondering how many fighter planes back then had similar aerodynamics and some of that, along with the proper slope to deflect bullets there were on all fronts.

    This could be interesting ... thanks,

    BTW, I'm real happy I found this place. Lots of history and I have many more ignored items. :shrug:

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    Default Re: Fighter windshield.

    I reckon it stands a good chance of being from the ME109, the size looks right as does the curve to the underside

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    Default Re: Fighter windshield.

    I 'spose this item is worth little since there are no markings. Guess I'll just haul it's 20 lb. butt around for a while longer.

    If there are however others that want to reply to this thread please do. The more the merrier.

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    Default Re: Fighter windshield.

    I would say its got a reasonable value to it , theres not many of them around, at least not in a fairly good condition as this one is, most are damaged, recovered from crash sites etc, as for not being marked, i dont think that matters a great deal, if its definately proved that its from a me109 that should be sufficient, but have you gone over the whole thing with a magnifying glass, there may be some form of marking somewhere

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    Default Re: Fighter windshield.

    Just picked up a new magnifying glass today but it's only 3X. With my eyes I may want more.
    I'll look harder but even along the border I saw nothing. From the rough cut of the first piece of glass I'm wondering if it was somewhat of an assembly line item when the frame got welded.
    So I can understand why there may be no #'s.

    It's all good however. I'm going to try to estimate the number of glass pieces laminated together based on the first one that has an edge exposed. That way I can get close to what caliber it may have stopped
    from total penetration. I can pretty much say it was not enough to stop something coming in a dog fight.

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