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Fokker D-VII biblane

Article about: A couple of years before i visiting a very small Museum in Knowlton, Quebec Canada ( small city ) big surprise for me, to see a unique WW1 Fokker D-VII , only one exist( in the world ) With

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    Default Fokker D-VII biblane

    A couple of years before i visiting a very small Museum in Knowlton, Quebec Canada ( small city ) big surprise for me, to see a unique WW1 Fokker D-VII , only one exist( in the world ) With original covering fabric . The camouflage patern, printed on the fabric , is the lozenge type . i have only two postal card .

    The Brome County Historical Sociaty obtained this aircraft after the ternination of ww1. It was one of several German aircraft Canada was awarded as war reparation . through the efforts of the late Sen G"G" Foster , this machine eventually was given to this Sociaty , and has been on display ever since .

    In 1963 it was lent to the then Royal Canadian Air Force for exhibition purposes, at which time it was refurbished.

    A particular feature of this aircraft is the cantilever constrution of the upper wing , because of which the usual bracing wires normally seen between biblane wings are eliminated . In this case the lower wing load are transferred to the upper wing by the inter-plane strts, and the fuselage is rigidly attached to the upper wing by a set of center section struts welded to the fuselage ,and bolted to the wing .

    Manufacturer : Ostdeutche Albatros Werke G m.b.H. johannistal by Berlin , Germany , 1918

    Power plant : 180 hp Mercedes F-1466D-3A

    Constrution :
    Wing : wood with plywood leading edge and fabric covering , steel tube ailerons fabric covered.
    Fuselage : welded steel tube , wire cross bracing, fabric covered.
    Tail unit : welded steel tube , wire braced.
    Landing gear : steel tube structure with large chord fairing over spreader bar , which has aluminum boxspar and fabric covered plywood surface.

    (160 HP mercedes ) Empty , 1,450 lb ., loaded ,1,936 lb

    Gasoline 20.75 Imp gals OIL 5 Imp gals

    (160 Hp Mercedes) Max speed sea level , 120 MPH At 16,405 ft
    Twin synchronised Spandau machine-guns
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Fokker D-VII biblane   Fokker D-VII biblane  

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    Wonderful posting, thanks. In this D-VII, it is easy to see the foundations of the D-VIII in the way the upper wing is affixed to the body which was known as the "flying razor" because of the single upper wing.
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    i find a link with a better pics from this plane:
    Brome County Museum, Knowlton, Quebec, Canada, 15 August 2007 pictures from aviation photos on webshots

    Thank Steven ! a wonderful plane for sure !! only one exist

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    The Fokker Dr1 triplane used the same cantilever system for it's wings-the wing struts are unneeded & were added only to reassure the pilots! The Australian War Memorial in Canberra also has a couple of Great War German fighters - an Albatros D V and the only surviving Pfalz D XII -a late war contemporary/rival of the Fokker DVII - the aircraft were similarly gifted to Australia after the end of the war. Its a minor miracle that such types manage to survive at all given their construction from canvas, plywood and timber as well as less than careful storage for many years until relatively recently.

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    Thanks for posting Pierre, very interesting. I am always amazed that the small linkage of the four struts holding the upper wing could withstand the stress it must have endured. I know it's a light weight plane, but the pilots twisted these planes every which way but lose. I like your info Lithgow. I think I would have needed much more reassurance then a couple of little wooden struts.


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    I wouldn`t feel comfortable in one of those at all.

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    Here`s my Fokker Dr1 Dreidecker,I would feel safe in this one.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Fokker D-VII biblane  

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    Greetings.... Perhaps you already know that the fabric on the aircraft is replacement. The Fokker was restored several decades ago. A piece of the original was on display with the fighter for a time (a section of the stabilizer/rudder) but I don't know if it is still there. I had a whole series of black and white photos at one time, that showed the removal of the plane from the museum, the strip-off of the original fabric and the following replacement. If memory serves, it was done by the Canadian Armed Forces. The museum likely has a history file re: same, if you're interested in doing more research. Cheers. kajunken

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