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Article about: ..a close shave at Waddington airshow!! Typhoon fighter jet flies so low at air display it forces onlookers to duck and run for cover | Mail Online

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    new pants all round then? LOL

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    That's a 41 TES Typhoon, until earlier this year I was a member of 17 TES who disbanded and reformed with the 41 Tornado TES in April. Only the most experienced Typhoon pilots get to fly as part of the TES but mistakes do happen. It looks a little low but he still put it on the runway, at Conningsby they quite often blow down the perimeter fence. As has been said, that is the A15 main North/South road from Sleaford to Lincoln, its a public road but it does have traffic control to stop vehicles when an aircraft approaches. These spotters really do take there life in their hands when they stand under the approach, had that been a AWAC then they would have received a face full of fence.

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    I remember years ago when I was on exercise in Germany with our Bofors guns and FCE7 radar. Our gun sub was positioned around the ruins of an old farm. I was deatailed to climb up an old water tower and keep watch. I didn't hear the Luftwaffe Starfighters until they came over the roof of the barn and then over the water tower. They were that low the wash from the engines nearly blew me off the tower. Happy days!
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    I used to love watching the Starfighters in Germany!

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