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Interested in a German Maxim MG 08/15 Aircraft Machine Gun? (Spandau)

Article about: Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen Just stumbled across this - absolutely no way I can afford it - but it may be of interest to's on an Auction Site - no, not eBay. If you're inte

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    Oh God - that's not me Ben - it's for a replica Aviation website in NZ - sorry if you've been labouring under a misapprehension - if so I'll delete it...I could only hope that was me!!!


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    Quote by BenVK View Post

    I'd dearly love to own this but I fear I'd never be able to import it into the UK.
    If anyone can advise on this because I'm seriously interested in bidding?
    Theorectically possibly.

    It would have be done via a Registered Firearms Dealer who is licenced to deal in 1968 Firearms Act s5 (1) (a) fully automatic weapons and then presumably be de-activated and inspected by one of the Proof Houses.

    Not a cheap or quick process I suspect.

    Good luck !

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    Yeah, I didn't think so, thanks.

    Tim, don't delete the website link just because I haven't woken up yet!

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    Everyone has an off day - mine was last night when I PM'd you


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    I'm thinking there must be reproductions of this gun out there due to popularity of flying replica WWI German aircraft?

    I'll see what I can find...

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    Try my sig - they had a lot made up for them.


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    nice maxim machine gun

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