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Kiwi Fighter

Article about: Hey gent's, We are having our Weapons instruction course going on at the base. This guy and several more like it are here to play. It has a KIWI in the middle of the bulls eye , So I take it

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    Well if I see weapons, I'll be sure to take some pic's of them for you Anderson.

    Maybe you will know this question I have,
    They seem to always have the Nose opened up. It looks like it's a car hood type of set up. It looks like avionics gear inside????
    But I have never gotten that close yet when they are opened up.

    I think that little voice in my head just challenged me
    to get a pic!!!

    Semper Fi
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    At a show in 1972 NZ6365 came with it's toys.

    Kiwi Fighter

    NZ6375 playing

    Kiwi Fighter

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    Looks like that little baby has some serious firepower when all dressed up. I like everything I'm seeing.
    Even though I was Avionics, I took a special interest and also was one of the few who cross trained into Armament Weapons Delivery/Electrical Counter Measures systems
    I really liked that part of my job and it got me taken to many conferences on those systems. There is nothing like meeting the Big Boy's of Boom!!
    What can I say!!! I love weapons!!!

    Thank you for that pic Anderson. I'll keep and eye out for more pic opportunities and since this is one of their operation bases, it sounds like I will be seeing them more often as we have the live ordnance ranges here and perfect flying weather is in the upper 90% of the time year round here.

    Semper Fi

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    Even though it is primarily viewed as a pilot training aircraft, it can punch above it's weight when called to. Just the sort of aircraft that can linger over a battlefield and give insurgent forces a headache.

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    I did my flight line training on the Jet Provost back in the day.

    I remember one of the instructors taxied out after our see off and about 5 minutes later he came running back to the flight line to tell us he had lost control of it and put it into a ditch. The RH main leg had collapsed causing it to spin off the taxi way. The funniest thing about this incident was that the liney had reported the fault to the instructor who used the old phrase “It’ll do a trip”.....well this time it didn’t lol.Kiwi Fighter

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