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The last two surviving Stukas........

Article about: As many of you know, there are only two intact Junkers Ju87 Stukas left from the Second World War. One is in the RAF Museum at Hendon, London. The other in in the Chicago Museum of Science a

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    I've seen period pictures of Desert camo Stukas without the wheel fairings, but whether this was because of a preferred requirement for tropical climes I don't know, perhaps it was to keep a build up of sand from accumulating in the wheels , the one at Hendon I've seen many times, you just don't realise how big the JU 87 actually is until you stand beside one

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    Very good pics-I was thinking that the diving suspension would be a bad thing to fail and then to read, as previously mentioned, it did...

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    Awesome shots Adrian! I've been to that museum so many times its hard to count, we are actually going to see the U505 for our German class Field trip this year. Everytime I go, I love it, and it never gets boring, the exhibits are a little outdated but still really cool never the less. It honestly $ucks being 16 lol, otherwise we should have a Chicagoland members meetup, if I was a little bit older to go to the bars.

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    The forum has a lot of members in and around Chicago.

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    The only people that I know, who are generally active, is you and Greenhorn, the rest I would need a refresher.

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    Thanks for the great pictures of that Stuka. Would love to see the museum some time.

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    Fantastic pics of the stukas, Adrian, they both look great! Maybe one day I'll get to see at least one and maybe both of them, who knows! They are certainly iconic aeroplanes.

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    Amazing pics.thanks for posting them

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    Default A little less fortunate Stuka... Berlin's Technological Museum. Excavated from the seabed in 1990s and saved "as is".
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture The last two surviving Stukas........  

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    Normally I'm not a fan of aircraft suspended from the ceiling but that Stuka in Chicago looks impressive.

    As for the Hendon Stuka - I first went to Hendon in the early 80's (I think) when I was a kid and I seem to remember it being fitted with the 37mm anti-tank guns but I have been to Hendon twice since then and there is no sign of them. Does anyone else remember the guns or is my mind playing tricks on me? The T-34 emblem on the nose would point to them having been there at some point.

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