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Me 109`s in Russia

Article about: Some that never made it back to Germany.

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    Certainly bares an uncanny resemblance !! ... definitely worth following up as a possible candidate for the missing airman/aircraft !

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    First of all, very interesting thread! Second.... It looks like pretty much the same Me 109 to me.

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    I have reference that he was from the 3rd staffel,and it whilst
    on an evening mission to attack Russian tethered balloons
    west of Kiev.It was assumed he was victim of Russian anti
    aircraft fire,possibly surviving but never to return.
    Great Photo and story.....

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    Hi Versuch,
    You are right about Schmidt being a member of 3/JG3 and not as I expressed 1/JG3, I happily stand corrected! JG3/1 had a red "tatzelwurm', JG 3/3's was yellow. I knew he was lost about 15 miles west of Kiev, but not on a balloon busting raid,very interesting!!! Anymore information is most welcome, every little snippet only adds more to this mystery and quite possibly the photo that started my interest. As an addendum, here's a photo of pilots of JG3 I found on the net. I wonder how many survived the war? From my research so far it would appear not many.

    Regards, Ned.
    Attached Images Attached Images Me 109`s in Russia 

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    Hi all , a really interesting read , and well done for adding all the info ! thanks gents ! Ned it`s a shame the pilot`s are covering the markings on the plane in your last image !! As an aside what a real nice looking aircraft the Me 109 is , maybe not as pretty as the spitfire , but brutal and powerful looking , and built for the job , i like their profile in the air

    cheers Al

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