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Me 262 Engine Blade??

Article about: Hi Guys This was part of my 50th Birthday presents and was from mom n pops. Im no expert but the item was purchased from very reputable dealer and its apparently one of the engine blades fro

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    Default Me 262 Engine Blade??

    Hi Guys This was part of my 50th Birthday presents and was from mom n pops. Im no expert but the item was purchased from very reputable dealer and its apparently one of the engine blades from a German WW2 Me 262 jet fighter either from the intake or turbine. The metal appears to be alloy and not steel but I was told early versions had alloy blades or sometimes a mix of alloy and steel for front row and back. The base has a threaded section as you can see from photo and the tip of the threaded piece has a number '21' stamped into it. There are no other markings on the blade. Its approx. 5-6 inch long but that's rough guess. Cheers, Tim.Attachment 822290

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    that is a cool item there ( and happy be late birthday ) .. thanks for the share =0)

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    Hello Tim belated happy 50th !

    That is a wonderful and thoughtful gift your parents gave you. That being said, and not meaning to detract from your parent’s sentiment, I believe this component is not from a ME 262 Jumo 004 Engine. My reasons are based on images and technical descriptions of the Jumo 004 Engine at Anselm Franz and the Jumo 004 and online museum cutaways. Based on these it would appear your blade is not from a ME 262 Jumo 004 Engine. Compressor and Turbine blades from Jumo 004 Engine’s are squared at their blade tips and have a squared base; yours is angled at the blade tip and has a circular base. Both Compressor and Turbine blades are held in their disk's by triangular slots described as ‘pyramidal slots’ for compressor blades and a ‘formed root kept in position by rivets’ (known as a fir-tree root) for turbine blades. Your blade has a circular base positioned by a square key secured in place by a threaded stud held by a castellated nut and cotter pin.

    Just my 2 cents

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    Most likely this is made of nickel. Turbojet configuration employed high grade nickel in the inner spool for sure. As far as i know high grade nickel was employed in the outer spool also. There would be no way for steel or steel/alloy mix to withstand any high temps or the hot parts of the engine. I would have to look at some specs for the Junker Jumo 004.

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    I got to thinking. The stator blades could be steel. Those are the "cold parts" of the engine.

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    Likely a 1st or 2nd stage stator or inlet guide vane (or) possibly a compressor (unlikely) blade given the material it appears to be made of and described size of 5 to 6 " in length.


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    please look at 4'32
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    Thanks guys for the heads up. I know these things are a bit of a minefield and did some reading up and did find references to steel blades being used early on in Jumo 004 engines. This item came from Mark of Tiger Collectibles based in Dorset Best Regards Tim.

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    Your blade was probably from a more contemporary engine such an SNECMA ATAR or a Rolls Royce Avon, cropped or cut down to its current size.

    Me 262 Engine Blade??Me 262 Engine Blade??

    Rolls Royce Avon
    Me 262 Engine Blade??

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    Attachment 856685Having done some more detective work have finally found this which has a very close resemblance to what I was told was an Me262 engine blade-can anyone confirm this as a J79 engine blade from an F-4 Phantom if yes I think ive found what I have got but with top section ground off. Just wanted to be sure before contacting dealer it came from. Cheers loads guys.

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