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Probably a german plane ?

Article about: Hello, Thank you Ned for your complete answer. The member Crash has posted again to say that indeed it could not be the idea he had. I know for the moment what it is not. Thank you for all t

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    Default Re: Probably a german plane ?

    Sorry folks, it's not from an FW190- the front windshield/armour-glass panel from an FW190 is rectangular; it only looks like a trapezium/trapezoid in a photo from inside because it's so significantly sloped away from the viewer.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	FW190 Windshield.JPG 
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ID:	330560
    FW190A Windshield

    It's possible that the narrow end of your piece Ze-Pole, being only 15cm, would be the top since most canopies are wider at the bottom than the top. Birds like the Hs129B-2 had a trapezoidal front panel windshield like this, however its wasn't this narrow at the top so it's not from one of those.
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    Default Re: Probably a german plane ?

    Thank you Matt L and all for the time you spend for this piece of plane.

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    Default Re: Probably a german plane ?

    Great pic, Matt.
    Very illustrative of both your point....and how cramped the cockpit was.

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    Default Re: Probably a german plane ?

    Yeah, I have the steel frame from the thick Panzerglas plate behind the windscreen of an Me262 and I'm continually surprised at how small it really is- and it's bigger than that of the '109 or '190.
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    Default Re: Probably a german plane ?

    Do you have a pic?
    (I like the 'Schwalbe')

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    Default Re: Probably a german plane ?

    Yup, here it is- I got a number of pieces acutally including some Panzerglas fragments, a few instrument faces, and a big piece of skin from atop one of the Jumo engines (already posted in another thread.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Abby 473.jpg 
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ID:	334799

    You can see that even on this plane, the windscreen tapers toward the top- and it's not terribly large, measuring 31.5cm wide at the bottom, 24cm wide at the top and has an overall height of 41cm in the middle.
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    Default Re: Probably a german plane ?

    Thanks for pic.
    Looks great.
    Nice mount too.
    Cant be many 'Schwalbe' items in private hands.
    Now you just need the rest of the 'DüsenFlieger!'
    This one started with a cockpit, but then they deceided to make a complete nightfighter....

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