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'Quiz: Name that Aircraft'

Article about: Good Evening / Morning, Ladies and Gentlemen Looking through some very old posts, I came across a few initiated by Zwerge. They were about: 'Name that aircraft'. I'd like to update these, bu

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    Oh come on - it took me longer to do the post than to answer it Morris!

    Congratulations - that's one point!


    Still after the name and model of the aircraft.

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    I really enjoy reading about the German/Turkish alliance of WW1 its intricacy is most interesting. However the aircraft, i have no idea.

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    It is indeed a fascinating subject.

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    After having a look around the best answer i could give would be some form of early war Halberstadt?

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    Quote by KMMorris View Post
    After having a look around the best answer i could give would be some form of early war Halberstadt?
    Well, you are almost there, but I did ask for the model as well as the name of the aircraft.....

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    Halberstadt DII.......Pete.

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    Quote by zwerge View Post
    Halberstadt DII.......Pete.
    It is indeed - well done!

    And that's a point to you.

    The D.II was the production version of the experimental D.I. Lightened to improve performance, it also featured staggered wings and a more powerful 120 hp Mercedes D.II engine. The side and frontal radiators that had been tried in the D.I were replaced by a wing mounted radiator, similar to that later used by the Albatros D.III and D.V. The two bay wings were very strongly braced, with the trailing edge a wooden member, as opposed to the wire or cable common on many World War I German single-engined aircraft. Photographic evidence indicates that many examples were rigged with washout on the lower wings giving the impression of a curved or twisted lower wing trailing edge.

    Note: To be fair, I have again consulted with my colleague and have decided to award Morris with half a point.

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    Quiz #16

    A nice gentle way to ease into the weekend.

    I am after the name and model of this aircraft. Only the one image will be used.

    As it is a fairly well known picture, I do not believe it will take a great deal of time before someone (Yes - I'm looking at you Morris, Pete and Gunny in particular!) gives me the answer.


    Click image for larger version. 

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    Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2

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