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Some B-17

Article about: I think it would be safe to say that that thing would be a bit tail heavy.

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    Mr Brownstone

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    I think it would be safe to say that that thing would be a bit tail heavy.

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    Thanks DonB! That site was a good'n! Thanks for the info.

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    Definitely not the elegant queen of the skies that I have come to love...
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    Not real.

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    Yeah and I've got some "Waterfront" property in the Sahara I'll offer up if that thing is real !

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    It wouldn't be tail heavy, all the lift would be generated in the rear. The nose wheel would be located in the crawl space under the cockpit. Some should build a R/C one to test the concept.

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    One word.....

    Photoshop !


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    its totally doctored, the lighting on the elevators at the front is wrong and both upper turrets look identical, besides fortresses weren't used much after ww2 except for nuclear experiments, as B-29's entered service and took over

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