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Visiting B-17

Article about: My son is a cadet member of the local Commemorative Air Force which is currently playing host to The Arizona Commemorative Air Force’s B-17G - Sentimental Journey. We went down to the airfie

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    Default Visiting B-17

    My son is a cadet member of the local Commemorative Air Force which is currently playing host to The Arizona Commemorative Air Force’s B-17G - Sentimental Journey. We went down to the airfield this morning and watch her come in, along with the wings C-53 and T-6 Texan. I thought maybe some might appreciated a couple close up photos are an actively flying B-17 along with a D-Day Invasion flown C-53.

    The kid has had many opportunities to fly in the C-53, and did so as recent as last weekend. He turns 18 here in a few months and will trade in his cadet status for Colonel which will allow him more opportunities to be involved with the care and flying preparation of the C-53.

    In one of the photos, the wings T-6 Texan is at the rear of the B-17. They all flew over together, this morning, from March Air Reserve Field, where they were on display for an air show this past weekend.

    Visiting B-17

    Visiting B-17

    Visiting B-17

    Visiting B-17

    Visiting B-17

    Russ & Son
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    Cool pics. I flew in a B17 a few years back and what a thrill it was. To hear the roar of the engines and the smells is just amazing. I hope to fly in a Liberator or Mitchell one day soon.

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    Nice pics,the old planes are great....Pete.

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    The B-17 will be here for the next few days, taking up Paid Flights. The wing is holding a raffle for a seat on the plane, my kid has his ticket in the jar, maybe he will be the lucky pick!

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    Great looking planes Russ - and excellent photos. I like that B-17 in natural
    metal and the 'Gooney Bird' with invasion stripes.........!


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    Quote by Walkwolf View Post
    the 'Gooney Bird' with invasion stripes.........!
    It was by chance but this particular C-53 has had it's service traced back and did participate on D-Day. Although the big B-17s seem to steel the attention of everyone, the fact of the matter is, I don't think any of the activly flying B-17 ever left US soil. This fine C-53 however is quite the bit of history.

    Here is a YouTube video of her, taken a couple years back commemerating the June 6th jump.

    D-Day Anniversary Paratrooper Jump - YouTube

    I have a photo if the kid hanging his head out of one of the cockpit windows but I can seem to put my fingers on it at the moment. Here is one of him however, taken a few years ago, getting ready to fly in the wings PT-22 Ryan. Just thought I'd share.

    Visiting B-17


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    I was the first 12 YR old cadet to join the Civil Air Patrol ( USAF Auxillary) in 1973 when they lowered the age from 14. I spent some of the most interesting and productive days of my life doing that gig. Made it only to Warrent Officer and Cadet Squadron Commander, Also got my Glider Pilot wings in Hawaii before I had my drivers Licence at 16. It inspired me to spend the rest of my life dedicated to the military and I'm not done yet. I have no regrets. I hope your son follows my lead, It look like he's already on his way.


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