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Waco glider

Article about: Hello, in France, one collegue is building one WACO. If you can help it ...

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    I read French and it was interesting to see the story on the French effort described as complete folly! Looks like they have advanced beyond what we would call a "pipe" dream in the US. NH

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    Quote by lebus12 View Post
    Waouh !!!! I hope you ccan find the wings now.
    Me too but I have some wooden parts and wings tabs (trim...), normally I have enough to remade the wings.
    The most important for the moment is to find a cockpit and a tail wheel.

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    A Glider CG-4A in Light Grey ?

    That what suggest Gregory, a member of
    I show you his message :
    All people or institutions that have restored CG-4As did it in the OD painting scheme.
    There is a question -- do WWII era airborne-interested fans of history need yet another OD CG-4A?
    I would answer -- No.
    Therefore I would paint your glider in light grey painting scheme because such CG-4As were also used in the ETO and they had invasion stripes as well. For example, CG-4A, sn 43-41808, was light grey and had invasion stripes.(shown in pic below)

    I like the idea, so can you give me yours ?

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    New part for the projet :

    We still need the structure of a cockpit, it necessarily exists one that isn't in a museum and that we can use.
    If you know one, feel free to contact us at contact(at)

    More on
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Waco glider  

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    Today I used a day of holidays for continue work .

    To get an idea of ​​the size of the picture , the trailer is 4 meters/13 feet , space and the rear do the same, so picture is 12m/40 ft for normally a total of 15m/48 ft 8 with the end of the tail ( in wood) and the cockpit.

    Today's work has focused on the rust on the cargo part , with a goal of making white metal.

    Rust is deep and will require several hours of sanding.

    After 5 hours of work and several sanding discs .

    Next session on Friday if the weather permits , with again sanding and perhaps new welds.

    The rear part , in better condition, only needs two to three changes of tubes.

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    Very very nice I had a relative who was with the 327th Glider Infantry Regiment. Great project!
    Best Regards

    Vegard T.
    Looking for militaria from 38. Batterie, Heeres Küsten Artillerie Regiment 977, also from 31, 32 and 36. Batterie.

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    A few days of work on the structure.
    Grinding , welding etc. ...

    First test interlining with linen / cotton and dope nitrocellulose :

    Caution, it's extremely flammable ( manipulation carried out with a fire extinguisher handy in a well ventilated area and no source of flame, heat etc ... because auto-ignition temperature is to 170 ° C/338°F )

    First step :
    Manufacture of cellulose dope with nitrocellulose and acetone. Listed here (£15 / kg):
    nitrocellulose prills

    Grip mix : Diluted with 75% acetone
    Paste mix : Mixture named "Aguerre" 25 % acetone , 25 % talc and 2 % of linseed oil .
    Tensioner mix : Diluted with 25% acetone

    Cutting of the fabric :

    Two layers of mixture diluted to 75 % for grip on the wood.


    Two layers of "Aguerre's glue" mixture with sanding.


    Laying the canvas with staples and then hangs by dilution of the layer on the wood grip mix to 75 % or pure acetone.


    Fabric tension with 25% mixture .


    Canvas stretched like a drum !

    Simple, effective ... and as in old time
    Protective undercoat against UV and test paint :

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    An glider part, who was crashed in Normandy. Maybe from an Airspeed Horsa ?

    Another novelty, the drawing of an element's structure of the wing via Solidworks (CAD) :

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    Quote by Gliderborne View Post
    And they say composite "wafer" construction is a NEW thing!!!!!!!!

    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    Back after a trip during the weekend of 1700 kms, with several dozen kg of Waco glider parts :

    A big thank you to "Gingerbread" and Philippe Esvelin authors of Forgotten Wings: Gliders in Normandy and in the South France. For their help, accommodation , tips etc ...
    Their support gives a great progress for the project!

    Thank you to them

    Coming up, more pictures here or on

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