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Allgemeines Sturmabzeichen

Article about: Btw, Adrian, I don't understand how I implied something else. Just saying the badge which was posted was from the same dealer I purchase the mine sweeper from and he allowed me to exchange t

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    Btw, Adrian, I don't understand how I implied something else. Just saying the badge which was posted was from the same dealer I purchase the mine sweeper from and he allowed me to exchange the item. It was only fair since I paid for an authintic item.

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    The confusion was within the wording. Exhanging or returning a fake sounds better than 'trading' it.

    The implication there was that you had traded a fake for an original which is different that returning it because it was a fake and getting something original as compensation.

    No-one can know in what spirit the trading took place so my post was to reiterate the point that the trading of fakes for original pieces is not acceptable on any level but as you've now explained the circumstances in which it took place there is no problem.

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    As I said I do apologize for any misunderstanding. I try to help other and give as much as possible. As you reread it I hope you can gather though the improper wording what I was trying to express. Nothing shady here, just trading/exchanging a fake I purchaed for an authentic item from the same dealer. I explain it was fake as well why it was fake hoping he wouldn't do it again. He has fakes and placed it with them so I don't think he will rip anyone else off, dont even think he did it to me on purpose. I strongly agree Adrian, once a fake is know it should be destroyed or put away, never sold or traded as an original. Thank you for conveying that message.

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    Im not sure, i dont like the molding on this.
    Last edited by warRelic; 09-09-2012 at 11:31 PM.

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    good to hear that.

    Adrian's comments regarding this are important and "spot on". i understand how he would misunderstand the post!

    on first reading your post, youthcollector1, i misunderstood it as well but trusted that probably you meant you traded in to the person from which you got it and made no comment. good to hear your confirmation!

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    Quote by warRelic View Post
    This looks pretty fake ! How does it feel to you ?

    Ive seen clips like that on products from $1 stores.

    Please do a little research and study the catches on a variety of badges here on the forum. There are many different styles and many different makers. Some are better than others. A poor looking catch does not make a badge a fake.

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    Thanks guys, once again just want to apologize for the improper wording. I would never want to lead anyone to believe selling or trading fakes is what I or any respected members on here do. I do however think it is ok to return a fake item to the original owner if it was sold as an period item. Anyways, thanks again for everything you all do to help me grow as a collector.

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    Default Re: Allgemeines Sturmabzeichen

    Hello warRelic
    Your post about the"clip" appears to have been edited to a comment about the molding.
    What you see is representative of a Karneth GAB.


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