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Allgemeines Sturmabzeichen good?

Article about: Hello, I'm quite new in collecting and got this GAB and some other stuff new. Can you tell me if its good or a fake? I not sure if keeping or selling it if its good. How much is the value? -

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    Thanks Ned! Where you know the schickel thing from? Never heard of it

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    Quote by Eaglehead View Post
    Thanks Ned! Where you know the schickel thing from? Never heard of it
    It's been talked about for years, but only recently was it confirmed. I'm not quite sure, but believe it was something to do with a find of a PAB or PAB's that proved the link, maybe by a marked packet or some documentation but I can't really say as I haven't yet heard the full skinny. It's all rather complicated, but that's basically how the badge was reassessed, things are always changing in this hobby.

    BTW, I never said how nice it was, these are getting harder to find in this condition as folks tend to hang onto them now.
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    Another truly astounding badge, Serge.
    Congrats on that!


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    Quote by big ned View Post
    Hi Stewy,

    These badges were attributed as Mayer 1.12.2 tombak pieces until earlier this year when it was discovered, or rather confirmed (it was long suspected), that they were actually made by Otto Schickle (LDO L/15) up until June 1941 when the company was forced to stop producing or selling their 3rd Reich awards and badges. All of the stock was consigned to be sold by the LDO who supervised this. The buyer was the firm of B.H.Mayer (LDO L/18), who proceeded to stamp many of the badges and awards with their L/18 mark. Indeed, there are some Spanienkreuz's out there that have both the L/15 AND L/18 marks! Mayer also bought up the entire stock of Petz & Lorenz production when that company was also closed, and on some occasions their badges and awards are found also stamped L/18.

    So in this case, the badge above is likely a pre mid 1941 Schickle made badge sold under their own name, but later on all their awards and badges was probably better described as "distributed" by B.H.Mayer, the new owner of the stock.

    Sorry it's a bit complicated old pal!

    Regards, Ned.
    Thanks Ned for the heads up. I do recall a link to Schickle. But nice one for the detailed summation, old mate. Stewy

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    Thanks all! I'm happy to have an original badge here!

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