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Article about: Hi Chaps. Picked this up the other day for peanuts, and would appreciate some help on whether its right or totally wrong. The GAB book by Frank Heukemes is so difficult to get one's hands on

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    Default Re: Sturmabzeichen.

    I highly doubt that the exmple you bought from MB is close to this badge, but please post pictures from it.
    By the way, here are some pictures from the same fake:
    One more thing, its not a tombak badge.

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    Circuit advertisement Sturmabzeichen.
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    Cheers Janos I appreciate your opinion. But I can assure you that this badge is made of brass. What do you think it is made from?

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    I think it made from zinc, but it doesn't matthers to much. I found it in a fake database in other froums and I am 100% sure its not a good one, nothing match with a real Mayer/Schickle/P&L.
    I don't own the Frank Heukames book, but I heard that this badge is in that as an original example, but don't believe everything which is in that book, lot of things changed since, we found many makers to the badges he said are unknown, also he put some fakes to the books just as other authors.

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    Cheers Janos, thats something to think about. I know for sure this badge is not zinc, and definitely brass. I have worked in the engineering field for over 35 years, and know my metals.
    If Heukemes book isn't that good, there must be an awful lot of fakes out there, and I know quite a few dealers use this book for reference, even MB.
    Thanks for your knowledge, and have a good New Years.

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    Mark, when you write MB, you mean Militaria Berlin?
    I am sure they not use every page of that book, I know it because MB is sponsoring a militaria forum, which has a database, where you can found that badge as a fake, also several F.H. opinions had been corrected there about makers, authenticy. And one of the moderator of that forum is the chief of the MB. So if you don't believe me that the badge you posted is a fake write to him an email.

    If you say its a tombak/brass badge, thats fine to me. If so, than I post you the original tombak example by the maker Mayer/Schickle/P&L to compere.Please check the hardware, eagle etc I wrote earlier.

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    Just to inform the members, Christian put the badge for discussion to the GCA and everybody agreed that its a fake, but Mark had right its a tombak piece.

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    Cheers Janos.
    I took your advice and contacted Skip, and yes you were spot on. It is a minefield when it comes to awards and medals, there are some very good fakes out there. I only purchase from Militaria Berlin now because I have been caught out so often in the past. This particular piece was offered to me, and I thought I'd take a gamble. Oh well, I'm used to taking hits!
    Best regards

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