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About the tanks recovered in Bulgaria

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    Default About the tanks recovered in Bulgaria

    News from German Tanks of World War II :

    World War II Nazi tanks for sale: Panzers, Jagdpanzers, StuG III assault guns
    22 Nazi tanks that have lain forgotten in Bulgarian fields for decades are to be put up for auction, with the starting price of 100,000 euros. The World War II relics were a first line of defence against a Nato invasion. Dug into the ground, the Panzer tanks, Jagdpanzer tank destroyers and Sturmgeschuetz assault guns have been mostly forgotten since the end of the Cold War. In 2007, authorities caught persons who allegedly stole one of the tanks. Collectors were willing to pay millions for the stolen tank, reportedly a present from Adolf Hitler to the former Bulgarian queen. [ telegraph :: 2008-03-03 ]

    Bulgaria's Army Digs out Its WW2 Panzer IV tanks
    Bulgaria' s army has began to dig out its vintage WW2 tanks, in order to protect them from looters. A number of Panzer IV tanks, equipped with Maybach engines and buried as stationary guns, have already been moved to a secure military base. All WW2 tanks will be in a safe place before the end of February but it is unclear what their future will be. There are few tanks of the same type in the world still outside the military museums and robbers could make a good profit by selling tank parts to collectors. Recently authorities nailed two Germans and a Bulgarian army major over stealing a whole Panzer IV tank. After that there was a probe over a stolen turret of a vintage tank. [ novinite :: 2008-02-09 ]

    Third WWII Maybach battle tank stolen in Bulgaria
    The turret of a third Maybach tank from World War II had been stolen. The tank had been buried over 50 years ago in the region of Elhovo and served as a firing point. It is the third Maybach tank theft in Bulgaria. In Dec 2007, military counter-intelligence arrested a gang, who had stolen one WWII tank and tried to steal a second one. The Maybach produced the engines for the Panther and Tiger tank, highly valued by collectors. Tank-theft seems to be profitable as in mid-January 2008 3 men were captured from the Momina Tsurkva, after they sold parts of the turret of an unknown tank for scrap metal.

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    Well, at least there is a chance that some of those fine machines will find a home and possibly be restored.

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    Default Re: About the tanks recovered in Bulgaria

    My front yard would be a nice resting place for one!

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    Default Re: About the tanks recovered in Bulgaria

    I reckon one would look nice next to my bird table.

    Wonder if the wife will mind a tank on the lawn ?


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    I just started to saving money...

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    John H Dale

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    Mine said no so i brought one anyway!!!!

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    There is a much more up to date thread over on Waf in relation to these rare beasts...Its a sorry ass state of affairs. Seems like the Dirty Commie feckers are doing the sh1t in reverse, how fecking Ironic...

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    Default Re: About the tanks recovered in Bulgaria

    Hi guys,

    has anyone heard anymore news about the sale of these relics? It seems to have gone very quiet, and little, if anything, seems to have been sold. Shame! Someone needs to start buying these vehicles before the Bulgarians just turn them into scrap metal.............. But we are in a Global recession still. I bet that if there were a Tiger I up for auction, buyers would be fighting each other to get their hands on it!

    Just for those who did not catch the news when it broke, here is a link to some info on it. It is a little treasure trove of historical importance, German and Russian. What else lurks buried in these Eastern European countries?................

    Bulgaria to Auction WWII Nazi Tanks : NPR

    and a link with a few photo's:

    wwii axis reenactment forum • View topic - For Sale

    I do hope that some of these tanks can be saved and restored to their historical glory.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture -bulgarian-panzers-.jagdpanzer-.jpg   -bulgarian-panzers-jagdpanzer-l-48-.jpg  

    -bulgarian-panzers-..jpg   -bulgarian-panzers-stug..jpg  

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    WOW, it would be so nice to be able to own one of these, and if it was in working condition, would make it so much better.

    Very nice, and thank you for the link, and information.


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    I'd love it as is. I would not have a problem putting one in my front yard,even though I live way off the main road. Anyone who ever served knows what they thought of the stuff at the time. But as time goes by...........well. And the original guy's who maned these vehicles at the time would have thought we were all 'nuts' to want one!

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