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Curtis P-40 Warhawk wreckage on Ebay

Article about: (3) 1940's Curtiss P-40N Aircraft - eBay (item 160575965190 end time Apr-26-11 11:27:57 PDT)

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    Default Curtis P-40 Warhawk wreckage on Ebay

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    Default Re: Curtis P-40 Warhawk wreckage on Ebay

    Interesting auction item Racer, thanks for posting. Welcome to the forum. It's strange they say the plane was involved in a 1945 mid-air when the last overhaul stamped on the manifold tag was completed on 12/31/43 with 363 hours. Maybe they went to an overhaul log book instead of the stamp. Seems to be in pretty bad shape to try and rebuild.


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    Default Re: Curtis P-40 Warhawk wreckage on Ebay

    Yeah, I finally uncloaked to post this. Usually don't have anything to post - just like reading everyones posts. I occasionally look up warbird stuff on Ebay and this showed up.

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    Default Re: Curtis P-40 Warhawk wreckage on Ebay

    I seem to remember reading about this in 'Flypast' being shipped to an aviation museum in Sioux City Iowa a good while back. Is it the same one?

    Regards, Ned.
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    Default Re: Curtis P-40 Warhawk wreckage on Ebay

    You are spot on Ned. It is the same P-40 that initially went to Sioux City. I couldn't find any information on whether it's the museum selling it now or a second party. It's in pretty bad shape IMO so they must have had second thoughts about investing the large sum of money it would take to get it back to museum quality.


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    Default Re: Curtis P-40 Warhawk wreckage on Ebay

    seen this one for sale before, looks like a decent start to a rebuild, ill have to make sure i buy a lottery ticket!

    thanks for sharing

    regards mad.ideas

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    Default Re: Curtis P-40 Warhawk wreckage on Ebay

    And Its a P40N by the looks of it.


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    Default Re: Curtis P-40 Warhawk wreckage on Ebay

    Hello everyone,
    I am an aircraft mechanic and have worked on P-40 restorations so allow me to point a few things out:
    There are quite a few restored, and restorable, P-40 fuselages stored at the moment, including quite a few very desireable E models out there. So, the value of these late model N parts are rather low.
    The main stumbling block in P-40 restoration is the wings, which have 5 spars and numerous specialty extrusions and castings needed to construct them. Remember, the p-40 was a prewar design with very labor intensive manufacturing, as opposed to the quickly massed produced P-51. So, the thing keeping quite a few P-40's from flying at the moment is the lack of wings. Several companies in new zealand / australia have restored P-40's and we can look forward to wings slowly being built there and increasing the population of flying P-40's. This is mainly possible due to the relatively cheap wages paid down under.
    It will be a long time before this project becomes a viable restoration canidate IMHO.

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