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found this piece on a former airfield

Article about: Annoyed from this ads?   Name: 10841111_835737563135792_1672368810_n.jpg  Views: 0  Size: 133.4 KB  ID: 775668 class= thumbnail style= float:CONFIG />Hey guys , i need yo

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    Exclamation found this piece on a former airfield

    Hey guys , i need your help with this , my friend found this object in the woods with other ww2 bombs and bullets and whe dont know what it is . The place where ts found was during ww2 a german airfield with radars around it . At the end of the war some US troops and british troops attacked it . The belgium army is still using it as training place for airplanes and other country's are training there too . Anny help of information about this piece or from what plane it is can help me so much .

    cheers joris
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture found this piece on a former airfield   found this piece on a former airfield  

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    An inspection panel of some kind, beyond that i can't help you!..
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    Looking at the style of lettering on the reverse I would say its off an American made aircraft. Relatively modern, possibly F16 or F104 but you would need to check the part number.

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    NSN: 1560-01-045-3764
    Part Number: 16W172-810
    Description: DOOR,ACCESS,AIRCRAFT CAGE 81755

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