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FW190 Relic from Pierre Closterman victory of 27th Aug 1943.

Article about: This is one of two items I bought at our local War in the Vale (of Evesham) show last weekend from a Kent based dealer who attends the show. This item is a good sized chunk of either mainwhe

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    The question of why he fell foul of his old RAF Comrades and outraged some sectors of the British public goes back to the height of the 1982 Falklands War. Patriotic fervour was very high at that time and I certainly remember how many people in this country had a sudden hatred for anything of Argentine origin. To get to the point Pierre Clostermann told a newspaper how he envied the bravery of the Argentine pilots saying how brave these pilots were and their skills at low flying were brilliant etc. You also have to remember that France had supplied the Argentine air force with Exocet missiles which sunk British warships in the war which gave some ammunition to the argument. That as you can imagine would wind up some people and many of his old associates and in particular the RAF association felt his views innapropriate at that time. Personally I agree with him on this issue the Argentine pilots were very good as many RAF Harrier pilots whom fought in that war back in 82 will tell you. I don't think this should be a stain on his record as he was quite some guy but again everyone has differing opinions on these issues. As for buying for a story-not me old boy! I bought this piece purely because it was from a 190 and if I come across decent 190 parts irrelevant of where they came from I will buy them. I have to say I was buying these things way back in the 80's when many told me I was mad for spending my hard earned money on such things-how times have changed eh. Regards Tim.

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    Just found this thread by accident so I know it is a bit old, very interesting because I was the person who excavated this crash site in France. the description of the crash is not how it happened, I spoke with an eye witness who was in the field the plane crashed into at the time. Krieg had baled out, and the plane came hurtling down at great speed engulfed in flames, impacting the ground very hard, burying a lot of itself in the process. Krieg came down unhurt not very far from the site, I was told the impact was felt some distance away.

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    Just realised the site I did was his July 43 crash site that he walked away from, the later one was his last

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    Quote by LustForRust View Post
    Just realised the site I did was his July 43 crash site that he walked away from, the later one was his last
    Having carried out further research when Uffz Krieg was first shot down on 15th July 1943 this occurred over the English Channel off Abbeville and his aircraft "Black 8" exploded over the sea just as Uffz Krieg baled out. He was later rescued by a German ship. The FW190 you refer to as recovering pieces from was either Uffz Kriegs fatal shooting down of 27th August 1943 or maybe confused with another crashsite. I have his full name service number and aircraft data to hand plus place of birth and will now try and trace a photograph of him and post up here if this is a success. Regards Tim.

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