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Got given this old relic that is off a tank any help be great

Article about: Got given this old relic that is off a tank ment to be ww1 / ww2 era . trying to identify what tank it came off . any help be great

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    nice wood burner

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    Its is pretty obviously cast iron and looks pretty definitely to to be the bottom of a Victorian kitchen range - guess we are going to see a lot of this sort of thing with all the extra interest in WW1 over the next few years!!!!

    Got given this old relic that is  off a tank  any help be great

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    don't be disheartened these things are always worth investigating, I remember a fella on another forum putting up a pic of a 2ft square sheet of 10mm steel with a hole in the middle and it turned out to be part of the engine deck of a Vickers medium tank which is a rare beast indeed. so the stuff is out there. disused tank ranges and training areas are full relics from the war. do a google search to find one near to you.

    good hunting


    ps. if you find any Churchill bits give me a shout

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    I understand people being sceptical about this piece I'm a little sceptical my self. The casting of this piece could be ww2 not all tanks had 2 inch think armour in fact looking at pictures of tanks the armour seems to be pretty close thickness wise some thinner.I really know nothing on this subject and consider myself a complete armature though . But the lady that kindly gave me this and a few other pieces . Not tank parts but ww2 items. she was convinced that it was a piece of a tank as I said before she used it in a display about he father in ww2 . I'v still not caught up with her since to get more info off her. But I will when I see her next. regardless It was given to me and did not cost anything . thankyou to all for your opinions

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    Your correct in thinking not all armour was thick. Thin armour was made from special rolled armour steel which was better than cast steel. Your item looks like cast iron which was never used as armour. What makes the lady think it's from a tank?

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    sorry matt but the profile shape on the bottom of the casting is called Taurus and is a common skirting and architrave profile which fits in with the stove idea.
    I collect and restore ww2 british armour and although I am far from being an expert I do have a good idea about armour and it just doesn't look like anything I can think of, most armour is made from plate either rolled homogenous or face hardened. cast armour is very difficult to make and results In a high quality control rejection rate and so is only used on the thickest parts. I can't think of any british tank that uses 10mm armour anywhere, although it is a common size for armoured cars and carriers but they all use rolled plate which is either welded or riveted.


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    Thanks guys again as I said I'm defiantly No expert . hench why I started the thread . Bobby the lady I'm guessing was told that was the case . and eddy thankyou for clarifying that it is not a piece of armour plate just a glorified piece of a wood stove lol .I'll still ask her out of curiosity as to who told her what and where her info came from. . thanks again cheers

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    you can't win 'em all mate

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