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HE 162 for sale!

Article about: O.K. so it's an insane idea, but I think it would still be cool. You guys are right. By the time they fabricated all the parts, you wouldn't have but 10% of the original plane left. I didn't

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    Hi all,
    Its good to see rare planes turning up in the world. Here is some pics of a few that have shown up on the net over the last couple of years or so.
    I like the Me 110 that was stored on a farm in Russia since the war. How had the farmer forgoten that he had it in his barn for so long ??
    Regards to all, Simon.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture HE 162 for sale!   HE 162 for sale!  

    HE 162 for sale!  

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    Quote by swiss76 View Post
    but a shame not to share it with the (interested) public.
    True !

    I just meant that a restoration job such as this
    requires a huge effort of manpower, and many many hours of work.

    It would probably take one man three or four lifetimes
    of solid labour to even come near completing
    something this large and rare.


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    What s the current asking price? US. Flyable.

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    Unit records captured afterthe war stated one B-17 and one Tempest shoot down by their pilots. Of course the allies said that the records weren't kept properly so they tended to discount them. Given the state of things at the end I don't think the squaderon C.O. would make up a lie like that.

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    In his book Defending the Reich, Eric Mombeek mentions: "On 4th May, towards 11:45 hours, Leutnant Rudolf Schmitt of 1st Staffel, piloting He162 'White 1', returned a victory over a Typhoon. This was never confirmed. For nearly two months, in effect, German fighters did not register claims officially. Furthermore, no Typhoon was lost on this day in the region. The victory tally of the unit [JG1] closed on this controversial point."

    Might be the Tempest since it's not too hard to mix up the types- although I'd have hoped that Mr. Mombeek would have considered this when checking for losses that might confirm the claim.
    Ohhhhh- pillage then burn...

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