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IJN Shinano

Article about: Any body know anything about the IJN Shinano?

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    Default IJN Shinano

    Any body know anything about the IJN Shinano?

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    It was big, and it sank

    Just kidding, try here:

    Shinano | Nihon Kaigun

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    I've Read a book on the sinking of the Shinano once

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    IIRC, it was the third Yamato class battleship but was converted to an aircraft carrier. It was not intended to be a frontline carrier, but to carry replacement aircraft for the fleet units. She was sunk by USS Archerfish 10 days after commissioning. Poor damage control and lack of watertight integrity after being hit by four American torpedoes led to her demise.

    IJN Taiho was another Japanese carrier that didn't last long in combat. She was participating in the Battle of the Philipine Sea when she was torpedoed by the USS Albacore. Albacore fired 6 torpedoe's but only 1 hit. This caused some flooding forward but more importantly ruptured her aviation fuel tank. The fuel vapors permeated throughout the ship and ignited which destroyed her. Same thing happened to the USS Lexington at Coral Sea.

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