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Ju 87..Picking Up The Pieces.

Article about: I don`t think this one can be repaired.

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    Hi Guys,

    This photo has been doing my head in for the last 2 1/2 hours!
    I seem to remember that the incident is covered in the book 'The blitz - then and now' published by After the Battle publications.

    The aircraft is a Ju87, and it was shot down over an airfield by one or more of the pilots in the picture in january 1941.

    As for names, squadron and aerodrome i can't remember and would be delighted if some of the more enlightened members here could put me out of my misery!!

    Regards, Ned.

    P.S Heres another angle on the same incident.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture G71CA0V5WMTCAYINCPNCA9ECYMNCAUKOFQTCAVLE8KTCA94MQRSCAD57IDLCA56011TCA8YG4FHCA7RHBXVCA4LU294CABRZ.jpg  

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    In october 1940 this squadron was taken over by wing-commander Athol Forbes D.F.C. if this helps to pin it down.The person he replaced is only referred to as Lucky Leigh.

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    After a little research I found out the commander was Rupert Leigh and the airbase was Coltishall Norwich,no.66 squadron.The book I was reading is the 1942 printing of " Ten Fighter Boys ",the only surviving pilot is Jimmy Corbin now 91. One of the few as described by Winston Churchill.

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    Everyone is spot on. Blitz then and now Vol2: Wednesday Feb 6th. 2StG1 Ju87B-1 (5225). shot down by PO RH Fokes of 92 Sqn 9.50am after it had attackedHM trawler Tourmaline which was subsequently sunk by a second Ju87. Crashed on the North Western outskirts of Manston aerodrome. Lt E Schimmelpfennig and Obergefr. H Kaden both killed. Aircraft J9+BK wrecked. site excavated by local enthusiast in 1983. Minor items recovered. PO Fokes flew Spitfire L1014 with 92 Sqn earlier in the war. This aircraft crashed into the Skirrid Mountain near Abergavenny 1942, killing Sgt Reg Crowe who was training with 53 OTU, Llandow.

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    Default Re: Ju 87..Picking Up The Pieces.

    Brilliant guys, its good to know that so much information can be available.


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    Ian, ma man!!

    You must have the book!!! I lost it and everything else 2 years ago in a catostrophic fire at home. Never the less, your post is almost verbatim i think, because the way you describe it is the way i remember it!! Thanks so much for the post, short, sweet, conscise and above all nailed!!

    With kindest regards, Ned. (also Ian.)

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    Default Re: Ju 87..Picking Up The Pieces.

    Could we please get a larger pc of the crashed Stuka ??

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