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King tiger in Denmark

Article about: sturmhunter, glad I could help

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    sturmhunter, glad I could help

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    Quote by sturmhunter View Post
    this sounds intresting.i haven;t seen the book or photo though but i want to,spose you can't post it up here
    Here's a site where the original book is available for 15.44 Euros :-)

    Atlantvolden ved Ringkøbing, Bent Bågøe Anthonisen

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    About the Tiger II in denmark. The book you have is one in a series of books from the same publicer ``Bollerup boghandels forlag´´. I have all the other books in the series, and i belive that not all pictures is from denmark. Think about this, the Tiger II was the newest tank in germany, much needed in home defence against the russians and allied troops. i dont think it would have been sent to the quiet danish coast. It was called ``flødeskumsfronten´´ by the germans. It mean something in the lines of `` A piece of cake´´. The Tiger II sits on its narrow transport tracks, and is more likely to have been found on a repair depot in germany. I have never heard off anything bigger than panzer III/IV or stug´s in denmark. But wery intreaging story though, i would like to find a Tiger in the dunes of the westcoast =)

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    There is a famous picture of a panther standing on the harbourfront at Kolding Denmark. With the amount of King Tiges built being so small, almost every vehicles history has been accounted for.

    There was never any Tigertanks in Denmark to our knowledge.

    An assortment of STUG IIIs and Panzer IIIn and a Sdkfz 251 were used by Minenkommando Danemark to clear mines from 1945 till 1947.

    Two of these vehicles are in storage somewhere in Denmark (the 251 and IIIn).

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