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The latest finds

Article about: Hello! I show you our latest founds! Can you tell me anything about the first and second photo!? Gru▀, gend

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    Oh, thank you!!!!!
    Do you know, if the 155mm gun was used by the russians?
    Are these rare parts??

    Gru▀, gend

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    Where i come from they aren't that rare (the Netherlands i mean).. many of my friends have found these canisters or the lids of these canisters..
    Your canister looks well preserved, that's not always the case.. Often u find rotten ones..
    I'm sorry but i don't know if the Russians used this US canon..


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    Those are US canisters

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    We know that those were US canisters but the question is of these guns were used by the Russians..
    I've searched the internet a little bit and i haven't found information that confirms the usage of this gun by the Russians.


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