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A little something in the Sahara!

Article about: I think it's worth adding the photos of Flight Sergeant Dennis Copping to the thread in case they disappear from the links provided.

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    Just seen the RAF Benevolent Fund paste a link on faceboom to the telegraph stroy on this, looks like it is well and truely out in the public domain now, just got to hope the right people get to it before more and more of it dissappear

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    In one way its good that the media now know and have reported the story, in another ,not so good , as now its open day for anyone to get there, and by making a few enquiries and crossing palms the location could quite easily be confirmed by treasure hunters, It would be interesting to find out who leaked the story

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    Not holding my breath for this relic, it will be scavenged and bureacrated to death before it will be saved. Very sad though as it's one great find. I hope they find the poor fellow and give him a proper burial.

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    Theres a segment on the ITV news right now about this aircrafts discovery, i find it strange that we all knew two weeks ago and now the whole world knows

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    Cracker photos too - soon the Daily Mail will archive them so check out NOW!

    And we thought "it's only a model" .......... shades of Monty Pythons Search for the Holy Grail!


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    Its indeed all over the news now...

    It most likely will be, but what a crying shame if this artifact gets damaged and torn apart by looters even more.

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    British WWII fighter found in Egyptian desert -

    They're hoping to salvage it and put it on display at the RAF museum in London. Those before and after pics are disgusting, such inconsiderate scavengers that have no idea of the historical value of what they're dealing with. Hopefully they protect it until they get the rights to ship it off.

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    this thread, looking at that aircraft, and some of the comments about lack of sand and condition give me some vivid memories. i used to live in saudi arabia... back in the 70s. aircraft of all sorts were sitting out in the desert exactly where they fell. everything from military aircraft to passenger jets. people used to go out and look at the wreckage. i've seen a lot of sites just like this one. one thing i can clearly remember is that they were all just like this... remarkable state of preservation and, on top of that, at least the ones i saw, had very little sand in them. this was a long time ago and i was 10-16 years old, but i really don't remember sand in them at all. we'd walk right into passenger jets that had crashed. i remember one in which all the passenger seats and even the toilets were in the front end of the plane.
    i can't explain it, since it was a constant battle even to keep sand out of your living room at home. when sandstorms would come, we'd seal all the doors and windows with tape and it would still get in. it was so fine. but it's a fact. there are wrecks sitting out there that don't have sand in them. i think perhaps it's as an earlier poster said: wind can blow sand out, just as it blows it in.
    from the wrecks i've seen in the desert, this is exactly how they look. gives me some pretty eerie memories and somewhere i have super-8 movies of sites like this.

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    An amazing find again, shame its being vandalised and broken to pieces though

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