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M1 garand found in germany. How to get it to the states?

Article about: Basically what the title says. Lets say one found a fully functional M1 garand in a barn in germany. It's never been registered in germany since it's been in that barn since WWII. How would

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    Unless it's of incredible sentimental value -
    I would recommend buying an M1 from the CMP -
    They have some history, too.

    I have imported C+R firearms from Europe on a form 6, using a legal import export broker here in the US, it is somewhat expensive, and not 100% -

    BATF Form 6 - $150 - ish per form.
    Broker - $150-$250
    Shipping - $150+
    Customs Import fees - $'s

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    that is more or less correct according to the recently passed law. It is easier to import a Mig 29 in to the US than to bring in a WW II P-51 mustang. Our fearless leaders and law makers at work once again.....making sure no one has anything or can make a buck......well except for themselves of course! "we the people" a quaint and forgotten concept in the US.

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    Gun laws in Europe are (unfortunately?) getting increasingly harsh - and is really making certain categories of collectibles harder to get to, collect and keep at home.

    Often museums are not interested, as they already have more than one of the same item. 1000s of M1 Carbines, Stens, pistols, revolvers and etc., were airdropped into Europe during WWII, and many of the European nations used the Garand right after the war, and well into the 1950s and 1960s.

    When these "barn" and "attic" finds are discovered (often when the original owner dies), they are handed over to police. Carbines and pistols are almost impossible to own in my home country, Denmark, and most relatives don't really want to go through the entire process in order to keep the items. They are then handed over to police, and when they have been run through the databases (to see if they have been used for crime), they are with 99% certainty destroyed.

    The different museums that would be interested, already have more than enough of the most common models, and are not interested in storing any more.

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    Quote by TrondK View Post
    Back in the days i bought pieces of machineguns etc from all over the world and had them sent to me for assembling.

    Now after the age of terror has begun, i highly doubt it is possible to send even a tiny piece anywhere without risking being sent to a "happy camp"
    I kid you not. A friend of mine ordered a Lymann reloading book, and as he was going to the states from the UK on holiday, he said that he would pick it up in store. He had a phone call from US customs asking where he was going in the states and what he wanted with the book!!! Needless to say they cancelled the order....and that was for a book!!

    Getting back on track to the thread. It is not possible, as stated very early one in the thread to re-import ANYTHING marked US property if its outside the states. I have 7 colt 45's all wartime and all functioning. I can, and do sell them here, but they would fetch far more if I could export them back again, which I can't!! BTW I am an RFD too (FLL in the states)

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    NWO taking power from the people..

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    NWO tightening the grip...

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    While in the US the serial numbered receiver is the registerable item in Germany it is the barrel. And CBH no the weapon does not beling to the US anymore. Neither have they any rights to the weapon and they will not allow anyone to re-import it back to the States either. I have a de-militarized M2 from a P-51 crash and could not get permission from the US to have this item shipped to a museum.

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    That is sad..find a person in the U.S military ......they bring back THINGS all the time.

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    Chilsam...right and wrong. I just retired from the US Army after 22 years and remained in Germany. I had soldiers ship (smuggle) stuff back and were lucky and had others get their balls nailed to the wall.

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    Yes, it can be done. See post #31. BATF form 6 and ship it to an FFL holder that has experience in importing guns.

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