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M5 Stuart tank found buried in France

Article about: Hi Seb, thanks for the update. No banned users on the thread: actually these are members who have been deleted from the database as they were inactive users. These were people who had not be

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    Default Re: M5 Stuart tank found buried in France

    Quote by Ben Evans View Post
    We never find them under the M1
    Hello Ben,
    that's because you won the battle of Britain...!!!
    you should have let the germans make their "sea lion" operation and by now you would have plenty of tanks, helmets, guns ,etc....buried in your soil, like anywhere else in Europa....
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    Default Re: M5 Stuart tank found buried in France

    thought the comment of 'in near perfect condition' was a bit over the top, but a great story and a fantastic find non the less.

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    Default Re: M5 Stuart tank found buried in France

    tanks for road fill? now that's surprising.

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    Default Re: M5 Stuart tank found buried in France

    Was there not a famous recovery of a churchill bridging funny that was at one of the d-day beaches. A crew member came forward, i believe he wanted his bits and pieces from the stowage box, and stated the tank was either knocked out or the bridge wasn't long enough to cover a hole that was blocking one of the exits off the beach so the whole tank was pushed into the hole, planked over and basically remained there, the hole being filled in as it was to much trouble to recover it. Possibly an after the battle mag on it?
    i understand a couple brought a farm in France based on the tale that a tiger was buried on it, the tank being worth far more than the farm, they are still looking!
    I did read some years ago that one of the main rail lines from somewhere to Rome was discovered to be laid on a large quantity of live allied artillery ammo. The line had been damaged, it was needed in a hurry, and the only thing available to act as ballast for the track was the ammo. This was used and then forgotten about until maintenance was being done on the line, 50 years after mind, and the ammo rediscovered in a shocking state. Considering several heavily laden trains and expresses were travelling over it every day it was lucky it didn't go off.
    And finally, all these are pre internet so aren't well documented unless you're of a certain age, i remember reading in a paper in the early 70's, probably daily express, that some workmen were repairing some part of a major highway, doing something to the verge, may have been 1976 the last time we had a summer, and nearby trees didn't have as much foliage as usual, when they saw something white fluttering in the tree quite close to the road. Being British workmen and needing no excuse to down tools off they went to have a look. They find a Luftwaffe crewman dangling from his chute. The body was recovered, i.d disc consulted and contact made with his N.O.K, who attended a military interment probably at Cannock and were grateful for the closure. The p.m revealed a broken neck possibly on landing in the tree. But it always amazed me how he could hang there for so long, over 30 years, so close to tens of thousands rushing past about their business whilst he was in limbo, unfinished business of a great conflict, waiting to be put to rest.

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    Default Re: M5 Stuart tank found buried in France

    It always amazes me how much stuff is still being found today.

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    Call to arms

    Default Re: M5 Stuart tank found buried in France


    That's just brilliant, i'm sure there is much more out there still to be uncovered, lets hope its treated with respect.


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    Default Re: M5 Stuart tank found buried in France

    i wish there were more pics

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    Default Re: M5 Stuart tank found buried in France

    Yes let's hope that is restored!

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    Default Re: M5 Stuart tank found buried in France

    Does any one know what happened to this tank?

    Does it now belong to the French government? If you found a WW2 tank, on private land, in France, who would it belong to?

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    To the french MOD,sadly.
    BTW,amazing the number of banned members on this very thread...
    Is this doomed here,héhéhé?

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